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SPSS Modeler

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SPSS Modeler supports sqlpushback function of Athena on AWS

Therer are many companies used S3 on AWS in Japnan. For their customers, it's necessary the environment that be able to analyize easily.If SPSS Modeler supports the SQLPushback function with Athena on AWS, I think that everyone will continue to u...
4 months ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Delivered

The setting to disable warning dialog at the time of nodes' reconnection

When you work in SPSS Modeler, you quite often make connection replacements between nodes. Like inbound connection to a node that has already been connected with another node. Having this node accept only one inbound connection, each time a warnin...
about 1 year ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Delivered

Signing all SPSS binaries by IBM trusted certificate

Antivirus systems using heuristic algorithms can recognize IBM License Activator (law.exe) and other IBM binaries which are not signed by trusted certificate as a potential virus and may block their actions.
about 1 year ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Delivered

SQL Pushback Support for Sort and Sampling Node on Google BigQuery

I connect to Google BigQuery and use SPSS Modeler to process the data.In SPSS Modeler (connecting to BigQuery), if you sort by Sort Node and then extract by Sampling Node [Setting: First], SQL Pushback will be disabled.Therefore, if you try to ext...
about 1 year ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Delivered

Changing the location of executable binaries generated by View Data functionality from AppData to Program Files

IBM Support Case : TS003015642 When the user selects View Data in SPSS Modeler 18.2.1 is selected : A Java library jxbrowser-win64-6.2.1.jar (present in the SPSS installation directory) is accessed. It extracts a 7zr.exe file which is then ex...
about 2 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Delivered

Change the translation of '類義語' from 'Selec Tables / View' to 'シノニム' in [Database Table] in Modeler Japanase version

This is a synonym translation issue.The word 類義語 is common rather than シノニム. Database TableTable Name field click SelectSelec Tables/View WindowSynonyms (類義語 in Japanase)
over 2 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Delivered

Allow for scripting in extensions with custom dialogs

Use of custom-made as well as downloaded extensions from the IBM hub would greatly be enhanced with the possibility to pass arguments (modify node properties). In fact this means that Modeler could become the go-to and often end-to-end tool for va...
over 2 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Delivered

integrate with latest version of Python and R for Modeler client and Server

The ability to use the latest and greatest version of Python is very limited and not flexible where by default it rely on 2.7 python and Jython 2.5.1, the extension is also limited to python for spark and does not support latest and greatest versi...
over 2 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Delivered

Modeler Flow on DSX Local should support TXT file as local dataset

Currently Modeler Flow on DSX Local support only CSV file as local dataset. We are requesting an enhancement to allow Modeler Flow on DSX Local to also support TXT file as local dataset.
over 3 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Delivered

Data source support for SAP IQ 16.1

SAP IQ 16.1Actor: CustomerDescription: Our team uses Sybase IQ 15.4 for data source. Customers instruct to use Sybase.The latest version of Sybase is SAP IQ 16.1.In SPSS Modeler, we also know that SAP IQ is not supported.Customer wants to use SPSS...
over 3 years ago in SPSS Modeler / SPSS Modeler 0 Delivered