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Adjusting column status in syscat.tables by synchronizing with column AVAILABLE SYSIBMADM.ADMINTABINFO

Customer mentions that tables which are delivering aSQL1477N should have an inoperative status. But theyhave status 'N' (for normal) insyscat.tables. The only way to retrieve the status of anSQL1477N is to select the column AVAILABLE inSYSIBMADM.A...
almost 7 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

Enhancement of View syscat.bufferpools to show alos stmm bufferpool sizes

When a bufferpool size is set to AUTOMATIC, -2 is being retrieved fromsyscat.bufferpools. But customer wants the current number of pages ofautomatic settings also displayed in syscat.bufferpools. Also a new column insyscat.bufferpools should indic...
almost 7 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

DB2 listener not activated after DB process killed by OS and restarted automatically by TSA in HADR environment

We had DB2 HADR primary/standby configuration. Due to one application job,DB2 consumes all memory and OS killed db2sysc process. db2 restarted automatically by TSA but listener wasn't activated . There was no evidence in logs which process was usi...
12 months ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Future consideration

Begin / End COMMIT instrumentation for DRDA, CICS/IMS

Complex CICS/IMS or DRDA transactions (involving multiple programs with an implicit Commit at the end) are incorrectly presented on the Omegamon Accounting Report/Trace. By design the costs of the tough SYNC (COMMIT) operation are added to the las...
over 1 year ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

Lack of information about Queries from Federated DBs - particulary from DB2 z/OS

From DSM we should be able to see the transactions from federated databases. In the case when we are having some federated transaction contention we are not able to see on the source database on DSM getting more difficulty to diagnose a performanc...
almost 2 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

reduce I/O activity to /etc/services upon each connect

Using filemon, we see 191 accesses to /etc/services for each Connect statement. It seems this file should only be accessed once or twice. This has been verified by IBM personnel with ticket TS001677150.
over 2 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

db2mtrk not reporting all of memory used

I would like to suggest an update in the documentation. A comment in the db2mtrk page saying that db2mtrk will not report all the memory elements as db2pd -dptnmem.
over 3 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

deadlock better diagnostic page dump in DIAGPATH

Ref TS000003442, PMR 68950,664,706Ref PMR 67845,664,706In case a deadlock occurs on MDC tables on BID index, diagnostic from Locking Event Monitor is not sufficient to understand deadlock. We need to understand data in conflict pages to check acce...
almost 4 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

Add a schedule windows fpr the event monitor

Add an option for the set event monitor command to specify a schedule beginning time and an end time
about 6 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration

In DPF env Robust single result set for the ALL SQL statistics categories

Memory metrics got introduced in V9.7 and got strong in 10.5. But in DPF there is none of metrics that can report similar to “get snapshot for application agentid global” which returns a single value for all necessary statistics reported in s...
over 6 years ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Not under consideration