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Agent shouldn't run email Task if any of its Previous- Run a report(Task) failed.

Ex: Agent for weekly reports. The above agent has 3 below tasks : Task 1: Run a report : Report A Task 2: Run a report : Report B Task 3: Send an email: Attach output of report A and report B and send to recipients. Issue: If task 1 executed succe...
18 days ago in Cognos Analytics / Reporting 0 Submitted

Export Data Module test like in a report

While checking my data module you can "test" you data by clicking "Testing". But there is no possibility to export the data to validate it with other data I've in MS Excel for e.g.
26 days ago in Cognos Analytics / Reporting 0 Submitted

Simple, unified way to set and troubleshoot parallelized report & visualization queries for concurrent execution

Problem to solve - Clients need to be able to make query processing concurrent for their reports and individual visualizations so that their end users (who only open reports to get some information, then close them) have the opportunity to get wha...
about 1 month ago in Cognos Analytics / Reporting 0 Submitted

Extend filter name cutoff in report creation

A user opening a report might want to look at the query details and quickly see exactly what is going on in the report. However, because the filter names seem to have a 50 char limit on the display, nearly every filter built into a data module is ...
about 1 month ago in Cognos Analytics / Reporting 0 Submitted

Bring back "Insert" and "Collapse all" option to menu on data items

In previous versions of CA (eg. 11.0.6) we had "Insert" and "Collapse all" options when right clicking a data item in the "Query"-view. In newer releases we only have "Display data items based on selection". Would be nice to have these options bac...
about 2 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Reporting 0 Submitted

Please add more MDX functions

While Cognos does have a number of MDX functions, a few important functions are missing. While it is possible to find workarounds for the missing functions, these are invariably less performant than using the native functions. With the possible ex...
2 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Reporting 0 Submitted

Google charts alignment Dashboarding vs. Report Authoring

As a business requirement we need histogram charts in CA 11.1.7 Since this functionality is not available in CA 11.1.7s onboard viz library we need to implement google histogram chart as described in this IBM doc:
2 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Reporting 0 Submitted

Specify 'No data contents' in RAVE-Visualisations

For lists, crosstabs,... it is possible to specify what appears, when no data content is available: It would be nice to have the...
2 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Reporting 0 Submitted

Avoid message box when generating SQL/MDX

Avoid message box when generating SQL/MDX, every time clicking on the button is annoying. And our report developers generate SQL/MDX very often.
2 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Reporting 0 Submitted

Drill Through from PA report to relational report passed the caption or member description

When drilling through from a dimensional report (PA/TM1) to a relational report, the business key is always passed as a parameter. (Regardless of what is stored in the DrillThrough definition). The problem does not occur if "Full interactivity" is...
2 months ago in Cognos Analytics / Reporting 0 Submitted