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Future Version

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PySpark Kernel unable to read/extract when connected to external database using Kerberos Keytab

IBM JRE supplied as part of Sym 7.3.1 + Conductor 2.5 is incompatible with current use-caseUse-case: We have a client that uses Spark/Notebooks (PySpark kernel) to connect an external database via ODBC using kerberos. Whenever they try to connect ...
8 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Future Version 2

Update Conductor JVM version from Java 8.0 to Java 11

The current version of Conductor JVM is 8.0 which is old and doesn't allow prospective clients to use Conductor for their current use case. They are looking for support of Java 11 to adopt Conductor for their workload
3 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Future Version 1 Future consideration

Add support for spark.worker.cleanup or its alternative

Some of our Spark applications run long and produce large volume of shuffle data. We use SparkCleanup to cleanup shuffle data, however SparkCleanup service sometimes deletes shuffle files on long running applications which causes failures. If ther...
4 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Future Version 3 Future consideration

Conda Package for Pytorch - ppc64le with Cuda 10.2

We are currently using Spectrum Conductor 2.5 on RHEL 7.6 with Cuda 10.2 on Power 9 servers. The model validators need the latest Pytorch Package to validate models with the latest features. The current IBM repo channels are having packages that a...
4 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Future Version 1 Not under consideration

user account not synched with groups --PAM

We are provide permission at group level ,when we add new users to group, user level permission it is not synched.bash-4.2$ egosh user roles4user -u u003464No role for user <u003464>.bash-4.2$ getent group cmrddsairawcmrddsairaw::3059:a07965...
4 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Future Version 1 Is a defect

Run SparkCleanup service per individual Instance group instead of centrally

We would like SparkCleanup service to run as execution user of each individual Instance Group, rather than centrally as cluster admin. This will avoid the need to do preliminary work to make sure execution users of SIG are part of cluster admin un...
5 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Future Version 0 Future consideration

R Studio integration with Spectrum Conductor

Background:The versions of RStudio we have are outdated, and also set up outside Conductor. This limits scalability, and also usability as they are not embedded in the Conductor/Spark environment.We would like to integrate RStudio with conductor...
6 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Future Version 1 Not under consideration

Integrate Spark 3.1 into Conductor 2.5

Integrate Spark 3.1 into Conductor 2.5Our current Conductor 2.5 environment uses Spark 3.0 and one of our clients need Spark 3.1 integrated with Conductor 2.5.Please can you provide patch to add Spark 3.1 ?
7 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Future Version 1 Not under consideration

MAPR dataconnector support for spark 3.0

Version: 2.5.0Platform: x86Description: We'd like to request the development team to include MapR dataconnector support for the SPARK 3.x for Conductor 2.5.0.
9 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Future Version 0 Future consideration

Dask support on Conductor based on OpenCE conda packages for Power

Conductor 2.5.0 brings Dask to light. In order to use Dask, one needs to create a conda environment for it. Currently release of Conductor builds that conda environment leveraging WML-CE 1.7.0, a project which was sunset in 2020. It should be lev...
9 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Future Version 0 Future consideration