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Version 6.1.1

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Matrix - Symphony 6.1.1 SDK support Java 8 (JVM 1.8) (DUP36949)

Main concern is the End of public updates finish for Java 7 in April 2015 would be developers wanting to use Symhony SDK with Java 8
over 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 6.1.1 3 Delivered

[RFE][CommerzBank] - EGO API for User Management - REST API for User Add/Remove/Modify as the solution

Java API from 5.1 (UserAdmin) has been depreciated and there is no replacement EGO API in Symphony 6.1.1 which can manage user add/remove.
about 4 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 6.1.1 5 Not under consideration

Require Symphony processes to run as non-root in advancewem

Commerzbank is using Windows 2003 Management hosts which is reaching its end of support and we are in situation where we have to move to another OS immediately.So far we have tested it with Windows 2008 but Windows 2008R2 has non-configurable very...
almost 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 6.1.1 2 Not under consideration

SQL Server 2014 support on Symphony 6.1.1

Please can you add SQL server 2014 support with Platform Symphony 6.1.1.
over 4 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 6.1.1 1 Delivered

support of SHA 256 certificates for grid gui 6.1.1 - DB

Due to the fact that the signature algorithm SHA 1 is considered to be unsafe and SHA 1 certificates are marked as unsafe by well known browsers, we had decided, to swap all SHA 1 certificates against SHA 256 certificates. This includes the certi...
over 5 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 6.1.1 3 Delivered

[User Interface and Configuration] Comment option for soamcontrol app

There are multiple teams manage apps. One team may not know why the app is disabled by another team. Hence, we request comment option for soamcontrol app command. Besides, there are comment options for both "kill session" and "kill task". It does ...
over 5 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 6.1.1 4 Not under consideration

Exclusive policy at consumer level

We would like to have exclusive policy at consumer level while currently at RG level
almost 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 6.1.1 3 Delivered

Cluster restart

While using the script to shut down the cluster a lot of grid processes (pem and ssm) survive and turn into zombie processes.Killing these zombies after running the script leads to "Blocked Hosts" after starting the c...
almost 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 6.1.1 3 Not under consideration

[EGO][CLI] - Truncated Consumer Name on egosh alloc list "-l"

Current the consumer name is truncated even with "-l" option. It is extremely inconvenience for user. It is great if user can configure statically or dynamically length of consumer. egosh alloc list -lALLOC CONSUMER CLIENT ...
over 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 6.1.1 5 Delivered

[CE] Certify RHEL7 on v6.1.1 - Morgan Stanley

RHEL7 on v7.1 being supported -- back port this support to v6.1.1 once 7.1 is released.
over 7 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 6.1.1 3 Delivered