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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against products and services offered by the IBM Data & AI organization. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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Db2 for z/OS

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Db2 profiles - Enable monitoring and enforcement of AUTHIDs

Db2 v13 offers new feature of Db2 profiles to support monitoring and enforcement of TLS secure connections. Please add ability to do this at AUTHID level. Some apps and users have converted and we could put in a profile to ensure only secure conne...
23 days ago in Db2 for z/OS 0 Under review

Improve INDOUBT thread processing in two-phase commit scenario

Recently we had a pretty severe production outage on an 8-way data sharing group. After resolution of the root cause, WAS and Db2 z were quite slow in recovery. Following the crash, there were dozens of indoubt threads and lots of retained locks a...
13 days ago in Db2 for z/OS 0 Submitted

Resolve issue where DB2 has an issue with invalid MDSNxx Class profiles created in RACF

IBM Please read the case TS013914362. In summary DB2 created dumps/abends when the RACF administrator deleted permissions to some incorrectly formatted profiles in one of the MDSNxx classes. When the administrator performed the permit delete and i...
10 days ago in Db2 for z/OS 1 Under review

Supply RACF Exit IRREVX01 to fail commands against Db2 classes that don't have the proper syntax.

As encountered in Case TS013914362, invalid profiles would not be created that could leave unused records in the RACF data base and also confuse Db2 when RACF notifies Db2 to refresh the cached profiles. All Db2 for z/OS users utilizing RACF could...
24 days ago in Db2 for z/OS 0 Under review

Link FLA messages to auto recovery task id

We did a large GRECP recovery test with around 68.000 GBP dependend objects. After restart and the automatic GRECP recovery we see a lot of DSNI025I, DSNI026I, DSNI027I, DSNI028I and DSNI029I messages as expected, but they have no correlation to t...
11 days ago in Db2 for z/OS 0 Submitted

Set Partition Index, DPSI to the same DSSIZE as Tablespace when converting to RPN and ALTER TABLESPACE DSSIZE is after ALTER TABLESPACE PAGENUM RELATIVE

In numerous cases it is impossible to put the ALTER TABLESPACE DSSIZE in front of the ALTER TABLESPACE PAGENUM RELATIVE due to the number of partitions and page size. Currently this only works with the following. After the reorg materialization th...
about 1 month ago in Db2 for z/OS 0 Under review

REBIND PLAN break-in / phase-in

Having to force the business to accept service outages to bring application DB2 packages and plans up to the current operating software level has been a painful aspect of DB2 upgrades for many years. This also meant that the adoption/rollout of s...
3 months ago in Db2 for z/OS 0 Under review

Identify when all members of a Data Sharing Group are up and operational

After a crash or hard down, Db2 will perform its recovery processing including GRECP and LPL processing. There are external systems (e.g. CICS, MQ, etc.) that are dependent on all members in the data-sharing group to be fully up and operational an...
9 days ago in Db2 for z/OS 0 Submitted
118 VOTE

Resolve a restriction that CACHE DYN STABILITY function can not use with CONCENTRATE WITH LITERALS option.

Customer environment Db2 V12 <- DRDA -> Db2connect/JDBC(IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ type 2) Server side.(JDBC Type2 is used) Windows server: - WebSphere BASE 9.0.0 (Windows2016) - Db2client / IBM Data Server Runtime Client V11.1...
over 2 years ago in Db2 for z/OS 3 Future consideration

JSON Indexing on non-inline LOBs

Currently IBM allows the creation of indexes for JSON docs stored in an inline LOB but not a non-inline LOB. We want to make full use of JSON docs in DB2 for zOS. We wanted to avoid having to move more apps to MongoDB.
9 days ago in Db2 for z/OS 0 Under review