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This portal is to open public enhancement requests against products and services offered by the IBM Data & AI organization. To view all of your ideas submitted to IBM, create and manage groups of Ideas, or create an idea explicitly set to be either visible by all (public) or visible only to you and IBM (private), use the IBM Unified Ideas Portal (

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Master Data Management

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Matching Setup's Matching Summary Statistics to reflect Incremental Match Runs

Currently, matching statistics (diagram, summary statistics, counts) only reflect bulk runs and as stated by the Match360 SME, "matching setup" page only shows the output of the bulk report job, so incrementally added records won't be reflected he...
about 1 month ago in Master Data Management 0

In Match 360 there should be an easier way to remove attributes from published model

In current version of Match 360 as soon as data model is published, there is no way to remove a single attribute even if no data is mapped to it and it is not used in matching. The only way to solve it is to run unpublished reset model APIs which ...
6 months ago in Master Data Management 0 Submitted

Flexibility to Make Attributes Searchable After Creation in Match360

Currently, in the Match360 data model, an attribute can only be designated as searchable during its initial creation. Once the attribute is created and published, it cannot be altered as a searchable attribute. This lack of flexibility restricts t...
6 months ago in Master Data Management 0 Submitted

inactive party contact methods – performance issue

We are maintaining history in the main tables only as we are end dating and adding new records for any demographics change. We have observed in Performance testing environment few Parties are having 500+ end dated record for Contact methods and 4 ...
2 months ago in Master Data Management 0 Submitted

Error handling strategy for Match360 message triggers that fail to be written to kafka topics

When IBM Match360 publishes entity or record messages to Kafka topics, a strategy for error handling is needed if the message fails to be written: - configurable number of retries before an error is raised - configurable time-out before an error i...
3 months ago in Master Data Management 0 Submitted

Loading incremental sources will require full extract from Match360 to consuming systems

For our customer, sources will be loaded into Match 360 gradually. First 5 sources will go thru initial load and then ongoing inbound process will be turned on to apply updates thru ongoing_sync APIs. Match 360 itself is not a point of data consum...
6 months ago in Master Data Management 0 Submitted

Publishing events functionality is missing reprocessing logic in case of Kafka unavailability

In the new events publishing functionality ( version 4.7) where update/insert/delete events are published into Kafka queue, in case if Kafka queue is unavailable and updates still happen to Match 360, all events are lost and will not be sent into ...
6 months ago in Master Data Management 0 Submitted

Ongoing sync API for Match 360 update should have an option not to update record if nothing change and not to trigger match/entity composition

In our process we do not know what values changed in the customer record during ongoing inbound process. As there are multiple record types generated from a single customer record, all record types get updated, person record type gets updated , ma...
6 months ago in Master Data Management 0 Submitted

Match360: Create UI to parameterize feature weightings (and any other code based configurations)

Match algorithm tuning and configuration requires code adjustments to adjust feature weightings that affect the customer record match scoring. Match tuning and configuration had been set as a business activity. The business users should not be goi...
4 months ago in Master Data Management 0 Submitted

Automation of MDM customization deployment

MDM customization may require asset changes like Code changes, Properties changes, Database changes, etc. Currently the deployment of MDM customization is mostly manual approach. With clients moving to containerized solution, the requirement to au...
almost 4 years ago in Master Data Management 2 Planned for future release