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Cognos Analytics

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249 VOTE

Cognos Analytics / Dashboard / Data Player : Properties to control play speed and delay

Data play at times runs too fast for the charts to keep up. results in choppy playback. Add properties to have interval delay, and loop delay
over 5 years ago in Cognos Analytics 0 Future consideration

11.2 alter home page to Team Content Globally

There is a desire by customers to alter the home page for all users to be the Team Content page in 11.2. However, they can only alter to a report or dashboard. The user individually can alter, so the capability is there, it just needs to be expo...
about 1 month ago in Cognos Analytics / Portal 1 Future consideration
155 VOTE

Conditional Formatting on Dashboard Visualizations

Using Dashboards in Cognos Analytics, enable the capability to apply conditional formatting to dashboard visualizations (charts, summaries, and other visualizations, not just grids).
about 4 years ago in Cognos Analytics 6 Future consideration
137 VOTE

Conditionally Render objects on Dashboards

Include the ability to conditionally render objects in Dashboards. This would allow the user based on CSVIdentityList, the ability to conditionally present a page, based on the user's Group Membership, or based upon other attribute values on the ...
over 3 years ago in Cognos Analytics 1 Future consideration

Browser last prompt location

Scenario: When the report have a lot of prompts and user needs to scroll down to see all the prompts. Problem: re-prompt button causes page refresh and web page returns at the beginning of the page.
over 2 years ago in Cognos Analytics 2 Future consideration

Reset default "Send report by email" to send to user's email account

From Cognos 8, 10 and through Cognos 11.1.6, the default action when a user ran with "Send report by email" was to send to the user but in 11.1.7 Cognos changed to necessitating the user to select "Edit details" to populate their address by defaul...
6 months ago in Cognos Analytics 1 Future consideration
141 VOTE

Use Library tab in Admin to store JavaScript Controls

I'd like to see JavaScript controls in the library tab in the admin console. With the controls in the library, we would have a few benefits:1. Provide a description or usage manual2. In the properties of the control, you could have a "See document...
over 4 years ago in Cognos Analytics 1 Future consideration

Allow configurability for not displaying informational messages

Enterprise BI customer, ~9000 system users.Two different scenarios that are causing "informational" or "warning" messages are:An authored STANDARD report using full interactivity in CA (11.1.7 FP2). The user only have read, traverse and execute pe...
4 months ago in Cognos Analytics 0 Future consideration
117 VOTE

Option to Run Schedule Once

We were excited to see the My Schedules and Subscriptions menu added to Cognos Analytics 11.0.8, but found there was one option we previously had (and still have in the administration view) is to run a schedule once. Our users who heavily utilize...
almost 4 years ago in Cognos Analytics 0 Future consideration

Capability to remap a Data items in a data module

Current problem:No easy way to remap data items of a table with re-named items or new items with the same logic.If a table item changes name or your DB developer changes the Capital or other settings there is no easy way to relink the Data ITEM or...
10 months ago in Cognos Analytics 0 Future consideration