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Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS

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Allow LISTDEF to be used by REPAIR where appropriate at partition level that includes a range (1:50)

Allow LISTDEF with REPAIR, such as turning off AREO* (NOAREORPENDSTAR) at partition level. This would include a from partlevel to to partlevel. This would reduce the number of REPAIRs that need to be generated.
3 months ago in Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS 0 Under review

Improve DSNACCOX procedure and DISPLAY command to provide correct information

This idea is a result of case TS002735466 and is being opened as recommended by IBM Support. Currently, there is an undocumented limit of the internal buffers which are managed by DB2 and which are used when processing DISPLAY DB command. When it...
about 2 years ago in Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS 1 Delivered

Load Utility: Extension of field selection criterion option by AND conditions

The Db2 for z/OS LOAD utility offers a field selection criterion for the INTO TABLE option via WHEN( ... = ...).Since increasingly complex data structures are used application developers want to specify more complex conditions for selection of to ...
over 1 year ago in Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS 1 Future consideration

LOAD utility - Replace Duplicate row entries under RESUME YES option

When we try to use the DSNUTILB utility to LOAD data into a DB2 table with RESUME YES option, where we need to Load some set of records, which do have same Primary key values already existing in the Target table, then those records to be loaded ar...
6 months ago in Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS 1 Not under consideration

Modify the message when Load utility encounter table not found.

Sometimes we unload many tables from source DB2 to another one. If some tables do not exist in the target DB2, the load utility will fail with RC=8.this error message is mixed with ordinary information and ends with "I" in a big jobout file. For e...
7 months ago in Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS 0 Future consideration

Enhance DB2 Load WHEN specification

Coding the DB2 Load utility into table WHEN statement to allow for several specified values, not just one, is found in a given field, would be a useful enhancement.
7 months ago in Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS 0 Future consideration

Eliminate Reorgs failing with S513 & IEC146I 513-04 when reorging LOBs

The cause of the S513 error is due to the DB2 reorg utility trying to write two image copies in parallel (one for BASE and one for LOB) when a BASE UTS with LOB TS is being REORG’d and the specified template for image copy datasets has the STACK Y...
over 2 years ago in Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS 3 Not under consideration

allow the ability to generate REPLACE instead of RESUME YES

Sometimes you want to unload/load with REPLACE instead of RESUME YES. Need the unload utility able to generate LOAD REPLACE.
over 1 year ago in Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS 0 Not under consideration

SYSPUNCH - be able to suppress NUMRECS

Certain processes use load cards created from unload utility using LIMIT 0. This creates NUMRECS 0 that needs to be removed prior to the LOAD.
over 1 year ago in Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS 0 Not under consideration


For the subject image copy behavior in the LOAD utility, it is as the customer describes:COPYDDN can be specified at the job / table space level but requires the RESUME or REPLACE keywords at the table space level, so this would effectively result...
over 1 year ago in Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS 0 Future consideration