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FTM for Digital Payments

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User Entitlements for User Viewable Transaction Data Segregation by R/T

Transaction data for configurable R/T only visible to those that have the proper entitlements to view them.

Add a warning message when the current business day is being closed

The Business day closure is handled by the Operations team in most of the banks. Whenever the business day is being closed, the user experience is that the FTM closes the business day that is chosen. If by mistake the current business date is chos...
10 months ago in FTM for Digital Payments / Administration & Configuration 0 Future consideration

Automate Service Framework Task creation. Ability to export and import Service Framework Tasks definitions

Is it possible to export service framework configurations from one environment such as Dev and import those same configurations into a new environment such as SIT? The task of doing this manually from env to env is tedious and time consuming as we...
11 months ago in FTM for Digital Payments / Administration & Configuration 0 Future consideration

Ability to send RFI (FI to FI) via DPUI for Originated(outgoing) Credit Transfer

Initiate RFI (FI) on outgoing CT – The functionality is listed as non-mandatory on the TCH 2.9 certification list. It was not implemented in any FTM 3.2 releases Ops tried to initiate a FI to FI RFI on an originated transaction and was not able t...
12 months ago in FTM for Digital Payments / Financial Management (Accounting, Settlement, etc.) 0 Planned for future release

In FTM DP 3.2.4 USA Version, we are trying to process incoming Canada ACH CPA005 PAD files via FTM. CPA005 is converted to ISF and then feed to Digital Payments. But in the digital payments screen, some of the fields are not populated\mapped as shown in screenshot. We are unsure about the fields to be mapped in ISF, in order to get below highlighted fields populated in DP screen.

FTM-DP UI Field NameInbound Transmission Hierarchy -> Parties -> Originator -> IdentifierInbound Transmission Hierarchy -> Parties -> Originator -> NameInbound Transmission Hierarchy -> Total Credit DifferenceAlso IBM team sha...
12 months ago in FTM for Digital Payments / Mapping & Translation 0 Planned for future release

Exposure Limit Monitor Start/End Date should allow for year to be specified

On the Partner Details screen, Risk Management/Exposure Limit Monitors- you can specify an Effective Begin Date (MM/dd) and an Effective End Date (MM/dd) but you cannot specify the year. In principle, the idea of having the ability to have monitor...
almost 2 years ago in FTM for Digital Payments / Usability 0 Future consideration

Request to add PAYMENT_ID field/value to the JMS_TEXT in our logs. Also, to be clear, one of our main goals it to be able to count and/or omit H50 payment ids so we are looking to see the full payment id/orig seq number added to the JMS_TEXT.​

HUNTINGTON BANK - Business Justification - Idea SubmissionTS004601479 - HOPS ZELLE - Request to add PAYMENT_ID field/value to the JMS_TEXT in our logsWe are looking to use our log entries to calculate and track payment SLAs while excluding certain...
about 1 year ago in FTM for Digital Payments / Transaction Processing - Ingestion 2 Delivered

FTM should have logic to understand and fix the different states a payment should be and also have logic to re-try if a payment is in an out-of sync status between FTM and EWS.

Examples: HNB customer receives money, FTM attempted to make the PaymentStatusUpdate call to EWS as Delivered and experienced a connection issue and did not get a success/failure back from EWS. FTM treated this as a success and marked the payme...

Support LDAP configuration for ADU deployment on single WAS server environments.

Please refer to IBM case TS003932375 for more details
about 1 year ago in FTM for Digital Payments / Installation & Upgrades 1 Not under consideration

Cloud Native Architecture for FTM

Need timeline to implement using micro service architecture vs current pattern of monolith style architecture.Circuit Breaker design pattern – FTM as an application to provide out of box Retries, Timeout, Store & Forward abilities when integra...
about 1 year ago in FTM for Digital Payments / Other 0 Future consideration