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Analytics Engine

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Number theory article applied in AI technology

This is the research of my own related to number theory. In general: A whole number, odd or even, can be analyzed as the sum of a prime number and two Fibonacci numbers. Here we have some examples 52362 = 52127 (prime) + 2 (Fibonacci 1) + 233 (Fib...
about 1 year ago in Analytics Engine 0 Not under consideration

Make prompt names and values in "View versions" copiable

We have many complex reports with a lot of prompts. In case of customer support (we are a service provider) we need to copy the names and the values out of the "View versions"-area to compare parameters from different report executions to find out...
almost 3 years ago in Analytics Engine 0 Not under consideration

Provide functionality to pause a cluster to suspend runtime charges when the cluster is not in use

Sometimes, I only need to use a cluster for a one-off task that may run for a few days or more. I would like to be able to pause these clusters when I am not using them to suspend charges. The clusters usually have some configuration that I do man...
over 4 years ago in Analytics Engine 0 Not under consideration

Add Capability to add Image as Event Studio Body Part and additional customezation.

Add Capability to add Image as Event Body and other additional customization so you can see the open image when you receive the email from Event Studio Thank you
over 1 year ago in Analytics Engine 0 Not under consideration

Run the spark thrift jdbc/odbc server so we can connect to spark from reporting tools

It would be great if Spark as a Service ran the spark thrift jdbc/odbc server so we can can connect to spark from reporting tools.
almost 5 years ago in Analytics Engine 2 Not under consideration

IzODA MDS - RACF CHECK VSAM and/or Sequential Datasets Before Ingestion

IzODA / MDS team,the MDS component of IzODA checks DB2 internal security to validate access permissions, and schedules a PSB to validate IMS permissions before accessing the data. We are left with sequential and vsam files with no auth pre-check i...
over 1 year ago in Analytics Engine 0 Not under consideration

Include Graphframes Spark package in CPD

Graphframes package for Spark provides the capabilities of both the GraphX and the Spark DataFrames. The recent Apache Spark 3.0 release has several enhancements with respect to the features enablement and performance, especially, for the Spark Da...
over 1 year ago in Analytics Engine 0 Future consideration

Making FileNet suite of products (CPE, IER, ICN, CSS, and ICC) Azure RMS-aware

The company is moving to content encryption, using MS Azure, for all unstructured data within the company. There, the FileNet suite of products needs to be able to be RMS-aware to handle this encryption by working with the Azure security API durin...
almost 2 years ago in Analytics Engine 0 Not under consideration

Install netstat & Tcpdump by default.

Netstat and tcpdump are useful for customers to troubleshoot any network issue. In BiOC, we have it installed by default. Its missing in IAE. Can we include that as part of the cluster itself? Thank you!
almost 4 years ago in Analytics Engine 0 Not under consideration

IAE integartion with SysDig

Dear Team, We have an Analytics Engine running in our PROD account. This IAE is key to our environment and holds the all the primary jobs being run. Our ask is how can we collect below list of Spark / Yarn metrics, with the help of monitoring tool...
about 2 years ago in Analytics Engine 2 Planned for future release