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Information Server - Platform

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Compatibility of DFD with reverse proxies such as NGINX

Currently we have noticed that DFD is not compatible with reverse proxies like NGINX. With PMRs such as TS003975441, we have noticed that the way DFD works when IIS is used with NGINX is like this :NGINX URL: https://myNginxURL/ibm/iis/launchpad ...
6 months ago in Information Server - Platform 1 Not under consideration

Allow service accounts to be longer than 8 characters

Our corporate service account naming standards across multiple platforms assumes that all operating systems support up to 20 characters. All of the OSes we use, do support longer names. We have had to make exceptions for service accounts that will...
7 months ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Future consideration

The Hadoop name node GetFile Operation slowing down the job performance

While the dataset is getting generated, the segmented files with zero byte gets created first then the process start filling the data on the segmented files sequentially. If there isn’t enough volume to fill all the 8 segments ( CSDP uses 8 segmen...
7 months ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Future consideration

Auto start Zookeeper, Solr and Kafka after WAS/Engine restart

We are actively using Information Analyzer enterprise wide and with multiple teams.Zookeeper and Solar Services needs restart after IIS WAS and Engine restart, IA thin client error out it needs zookeeper/solar restartAuto start Zookeeper, Solr and...
over 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Delivered

IMAM XSD Import from Engine Tier

InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager (IMAM) allows you to import .xsd files to get metadata about respective .xml data files. However the way IMAM currently works is that the .xsd file you want to import can only be on the client from which the IMAM ...
almost 4 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Not under consideration

Allow customization of the Launchpad Web UI

As a customer I have a few different instances of IIS Servers running in Development, Test and Production. We often use the IP or hostname in the URL for Launchpad, but these names are generic and not informative. Users often get confused as to w...
almost 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 2 Not under consideration

Allow removal of unused apps from IIS Microservices Launchpad

In some IIS installations, the IIS Microservices Launchpad shows applications that are not being used. For example, the Standardization Rules Designer is shown in installations without QualityStage. Governance Dashboard is shown in installations ...
almost 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Not under consideration

More efficient ISALite Check for IMAM import area connections.

Part of the ISALite general health check includes a check for InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager (IMAM) Import Area connections. Specifically, it test the connection for every single Import Area to ensure they're still valid/functioning. This quick...
over 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Not under consideration

Changing XMETA or XMUSR on an existing platform and updating passwords

We would like to have the capability to change the XMETA and XMUSR ids on existing platforms without reinstalling the entire application.The AppServerAdmin .sh command to rotate the password does not work properly for HA setups as well. This is an...
6 months ago in Information Server - Platform 0

Need to add JCC_ENFORCE_SECMEC to the DB2AUTH for product implementation

The customer has a restricted security policy for the DB2 server which is used as the XMeta repository.DB2 Database MANAGER AUTHENTICATION = SERVER_ENCRYPTDB2AUTH = JCC_ENFORCE_SECMECAs a result of the DB2 configuration Microservice pods with meta...
over 1 year ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Future consideration