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QMF for z/OS

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QMF EE Websphere weblinks to work without logging on RFE 120243

We recently enable security feature of QMF EE Websphere. Now all the weblinks requires us to log on to see the dashboards/dynamart.
over 3 years ago in QMF for z/OS 0 Delivered

Support sorting results by more than 3 columns RFE 36055

QMF for Windows allows results to be sorted by up to 3 columns. We need QMF for Windows to support more than 3 sort columns. First choice would be to support sorting on an unlimited number of columns, similar to the ability to do this in Excel.
over 8 years ago in QMF for z/OS 2 Delivered

QMF for Workstation or QMF for Websphere to have inline edit rows/column values and delete row values RFE 120690

In DataQuant a user can run a query against a table and then delete/change a row/column inline. In QMF a user needs to use the Table Editor tool to edit any values and the table editor does not allow for any predicts or data reordering functionali...
over 3 years ago in QMF for z/OS 2 Delivered

Simplify the Scheduled Task to a right click menu (

In order to create a Scheduled Task, it requires 11 to 25 or more actions, clicking buttons and entering credentials etc.
over 2 years ago in QMF for z/OS 1 Delivered

Insert function for Table Editor

Currently in the Table Editor you can right-click on a row to edit or delete but not to insert. To insert you have to go to the Results pulldown menu.
over 2 years ago in QMF for z/OS 7 Delivered

QMF for Websphere - cache passwords

In our organization we have different sets of credentials for each of our Db2 for z/OS systems We need to write Procs that will pull data from several Db2 for z/OS Systems. This requires use to use the CONNECT TO command, but this calls for logg...
over 2 years ago in QMF for z/OS 0 Future consideration

QMF - Add support for DB2 systems using RACF security RFE 78202

QMF has the following administrator check on product initialization:It is trying to insert or delete from Q.PROFILES table. If the insert/delete succeeded, then the user becomes "QMF Admin".Else, It is a regular QMF user. This check is based on ge...
about 6 years ago in QMF for z/OS 1 Delivered

QMF Dynamart RFE 62254

Provide QMF/Wrk concept of dynamart into QMF Classic (linkage of query to SAVE DATA tables and forms).
almost 7 years ago in QMF for z/OS 0 Not under consideration

Superfluous DB2 GRANTs for customers using DB2/RACF security exit RFE 55601

Since the advent of the DB2/RACF security exit, IBM has not modified QMF (& other DB2 related products, as well as DB2 ) installation to allow user NOT to do DB2 GRANT statements.
over 7 years ago in QMF for z/OS 1 Delivered

Allow Secondary ids to be used with the QMF Governor RFE 34073

Oftentimes, you want to restrict or limit users of a particular application or users in a particular section so they cannot excessively use computer resources through QMF. Currently, the QMF governor can restrict access, but each ...
over 8 years ago in QMF for z/OS 1 Delivered