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Replication: Q-Replication & Availability

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Q Replication to Kafka Targets

Kafka evolves as a platform for real time data streaming, analytics, and event processing. For enterprise customers the challenge is to let data originating on IBM z flow to Kafka. Popular options are Kafka APIs, MQ, data replication. Only data re...
over 1 year ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability / Q Replication for Z 3 Not under consideration

Requesting Q-Replication capability from Non-Temporal to Temporal Table

This RFE/Idea is to request Q-Replication capability from Non-Temporal source to Temporal Table target. The existing Q-Replication only supports from Temporal to Temporal tables. For reporting within FTM (Financial Transaction Manager), there is...

Prompt customer need to reduce prune interval

In a busy Q Rep env with many bi-di Q subs, there may lots of P2PNORECAPTURE signal insert into IBMQREP_SIGNAL control table by Q Apply program.As per design, Q Capture delete up to 10000 rows at a time for one prune interval.When the average P2P...
almost 2 years ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability / Q Replication for Z 0 Is a defect

DR4A V1.2 Sequence not replicated

After insert on capture side on table with autonumber column, data is inserted, but sequence is not replicated on apply side. You can follow the following steps to recreate the scenario. CREATE LARGE TABLESPACE "TSD_DBA_TEST" IN DATABASE PARTITION...

Reduce the number of Db2 threads when replicating table with XML column

When a table with a XML column is replicated, we observed a high number of SMF Db2 accounting records, one for each row that a have a XML column. The records are due to Db2 threads created by the replication process. As the Db2 SMF records are g...
about 2 years ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability / Q Replication for Z 0 Not under consideration

ASNCLP to support a VALIDATE(NO) option

When creating new replication configurations ASNCLP checks the existence of MQ Queues, qmaps, tables, etc. When deploying to production, we need to have pre-prepared and tested the implementation scripts. However, because ASNCLP validates that the...
over 2 years ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability / Q Replication for Z 0 Planned for future release

IBM Data for Availability V1.2 RFE for tablespaces objects replication

IBM Data for Availability V1.2 (IBM Db2 Replication for Continuous Avalability) lacks replication of CREATE, ALTER, DROP and other statements like authorise and revoke for tablespace objects. When using IIAS console to define table replication w...

Db2 LUW - SQL replication should optionally use TRUNCATE when performing a Full Refresh of large tables

Db2 LUW SQL Replication (10.2.1) When you run a Full Refresh of a subscription set, the asnapply utility issues a DELETE FROM <target table> prior to the refresh of the data. For large tables this has a significant and unnecessary overhead...
over 2 years ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability / Q Replication for Z 0 Planned for future release

Document process for publication as opposed to subscription migration

The manuals document the process to migrate ALL *subscriptions* to a new Q capture task. Our scenario involved migrating single publications one-by-one (by sendq) to an existing actively used Q capture task. Please update the replication guide for...
almost 3 years ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability / Q Replication for Z 0 Functionality already exists

MS SQL SERVER 2017/2019 Replication target/source support

Now is mid of 2019, but the latest MS SQL Server support is version 2016. Customer is upgrading their MS SQL Server to 2017 and above. And found the Queue Replication does not support the new 2017 server. Failed to create control table.
almost 3 years ago in Replication: Q-Replication & Availability 0 Not under consideration