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SPSS Statistics

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Add Geometric Standard Deviation to go with Geometric Mean

The Geometric Standard Deviation (GSD) is the most interpretable measure of dispersion about the Geometric Mean. Together these statistics can summarise variables (e.g. concentrations) that have a LogNormal distribution. Currently, the variable ha...
10 months ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

highlighting significance

I would like to address an inconsistency in highlighting significance. It has become common practice that significance at the 0.01 level is marked with two ** asterisks and significance at the 0.05 level with one * asterisk. This is the case e.g. ...
about 1 year ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

Azure Managed Instance SQL Compatibility with SPSS

We would like to request Azure Managed Instance SQL compatibility to the SPSS product line. We need to enable it for SPSS users to access and analyse data in the centrally available Azure Managed Instance (SQL Server) Version 12. The university-wi...
over 1 year ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

Inpute Missing Data Values supports all function of [General Linear Model].

SPSS Statistics Missing Values option has [Inpute Missing Data Values] function. [Inpute Missing Data Values] supports many analysis such as One Way ANOVA. But it doesn't support [General Linear Model] function. My customer would like to add Mi...
over 1 year ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

Setting Seeds

I want to do model testing while always drawing the same training data with the help of a random variable (e.g. command NAIVEBAYES). It is important to always produce the same numbers. In SPSS I can do it with SET but there are pitfalls the user m...
almost 2 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

Inference for proportions

At present, the chisquare test in the Crostabs routine is the way to calculate p-values for a comparison of two proportions. Since this task is so common, it would be nice to have a more straightforward way than via the crosstabs routine. A routin...
almost 2 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

Longitudinal Tobit analysis

In many epidemiologic longitudinal and rehabilitation studies, the outcome variable has floor or ceiling effects such as the Barthel Index and Stroke Impact Scale (SIS). Although not correct these variables are treated as normally distributed con...
almost 2 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

cloud storage capability

SPSS does not have the functionality to retrieve and/or save data and output to the cloud. This seems way out of date and should be easily correctable. The measurable benefits would be less complicated logistics in loading and saving files and t...
almost 2 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

offer the possibility to create also with low level functions all the graphs, which are used in the high level functions

Both with new and old bar graphs dialoge, there is the function to add error lines to the bar-plot. The length of the error lines gets calculated in the grafics function itselve, which I would call a high level grafic function. But if users want t...
over 2 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

function to get summaries of separate variables in Chart Builder Dialog also for box plots

In the graphs \ legacy dialogs SPSS offer the selection, if the data in chart are "summaries for groups of cases" or "summaries of separate variables". In the "new" Chart Builder Dialog this functions are reachable with drag and drop of the grou...
over 2 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration