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Watson Knowledge Catalog

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Import Catalog metadata from a CSV file from the Desktop

When I try to upload a CSV file from the desktop that just contains column names and no data, the catalog cannot display the column names because it seems to think the file empty. The workaround is to add a few rows of "data" to the file to make i...
about 4 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 1 Not under consideration

can we default the asset name, tags and include column metadata for relational data when adding to catalog through a connection to relational data

To make it quicker to populate a catalog, it would be great if there were defaults for asset names - based on the selected schema/table picked. This should also import the descriptions of the column names/types which will be useful for end user to...
about 4 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 0 Future consideration

Support for a Teradata connector

We need to provide a connector for Teradata to allow these sources to be connected to and cataloged. This has come in from 2 clients, a healthcare provide in Egypt and a telecoms provider in the UK. This is a big cap in our connectors from what I ...
about 4 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 0 Future consideration

There should be a way to add multiple users at once, right now it's tedious to add users one at a time. Can i use a comma separated list like an email?

It's very tedious to add users one at a time, can we make it easier by allows users to paste in a comma separated list of user to add?
about 4 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 2 Future consideration

lookup for collaborator name should be same between projects and catalog

I was trying to add trent and david lebutsch to the great outdoors catalog and project. I couldn't get the catalog to recognize their So then i tried to add them to project anyways. The project ad...
about 4 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 1 Future consideration

Can we have tags be common across the account? instead of per subsystem of subsystem?

Right now, tags are not shared at all. each catalog has their own, a business glossary has their own, etc. etc. Tags, once created should be shareable to promote reuse and simplify the user experience across all of WDP.
about 4 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 0 Future consideration

Business Glossary needs to cull unusable formerly "technical terms values" from "actionable business term" drop down

Drop down contains business terms that aren't actionable since they are not allowed when building rules.
about 4 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 1 Functionality already exists

should be able to view more assets in catalog UI

default for catalog shows 4 assets.if you collapse the "recent" it almost shows 10. So if there is 100, what shows? what 1k, 10k, 100k, 1M. This is way to few since we expect catalogs to be well populated to be useful.
about 4 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 2 Future consideration

users of WDP, not just Data Catalog Admins, should be able view policies that are in place and they are responsible for following

Currently on the Admin of the policy manager can see the actual policies that are created. It's critical that other users should at least be able to view policies that they themselves are suppose to be compliant with, and they will be subject to w...
about 4 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 1 Planned for future release

Add ability to modify or delete the artifacts (policies, rules, catagories) created in Policy Manager

Right now the UI doesn't allow any modifications of any type/form in the UI. This makes it really hard to use, since it's impossible to recover from accident mistakes when authoring a policy, catagory, or rule.
about 4 years ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 3 Planned for future release