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Cloud Pak for Data

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Replace NZPLSQL wrappers for INZA ML related procedures by Python (or others)

ML (related) routines are called using NZPLSQL procedures. The associated overhead is relatively large. Replacing them by Python (or others) would provide more throughput running small (tactical) scorings.
10 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Netezza Performance Server 0 Future consideration

Forecast NPS resource usage based on cyclops influxdb database tables solely

NPS resource usage need to be forecasted after a period of time(NPS on Cloud, NPS on Premise). Influxdb gathers data which may beused w/o the need to install and run Query History Database. Use influx timeseries and ML capabilities to provide the ...
10 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Netezza Performance Server 0 Planned for future release

Dynamic history configuration

To switch current history configurations one has to restart NPS system which takes a large amount of time on big systems.
10 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Netezza Performance Server 1 Future consideration

Support integration with a secret management solution like HashiCorp Vault

Allow to save secrets (password, private key, certificat) per user allowing access to external services (WebAPi, files, etc.) other than just databases.
12 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cloud Pak for Data On Premises Software 0 Planned for future release

Change Services Name to MarketPlace and Location to under Resources

The little button that if you put your cursor onver it says Services is not prominent enough on the real estate. It needs to be moved most likely to Resources top of list - and call it MarketPlace - We continue have move and more partner add ones...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cloud Pak for Data On Premises Software 1 Planned for future release

View object also should be add to the data transformation project as source data.

Currently view object cannot be added to the data transformation project as source data. However view object also added same with table objects.
about 2 years ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Data Virtualization 1 Planned for future release

Allow package extensions to be added via UI

Often clients develop their own python packaes & librariesNot every client has a binary repository manager such as artifactoryClients can add their own libraries in WML using package extensionsCurrently those can only be created using the wml_...

Folder for assets

I have more than 1000+ script & data, it is hard to managed. In my local environment, there is a file-system so that I can create folders/sub-folders to put the assets in right position but it is not on CPD.
6 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Studio 2 Planned for future release

Ability to create BigSQL table from a single environment (i.e. QA) against parquet files stored in two different Cloud Object Storage (i.e. QA and PROD)

We create a number of simulated test data in our QA environment COS with BigSQL tables and Data Virtualization. Before upgrading from CP4D 3.0 to CP4D 3.5, we ran some simulated test BigSQL queries in our QA environment. Now that our QA has been u...
7 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Db2 Big SQL 1

Log the Source Client IP Address in the system logs / audit logs

As per our security requirements, we need to see the IP Address of the machine from where the user has accessed the IBM Cloud Pak for Data web console. In the current system, we don't see any evidence for the same. I have worked with the support ...
9 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cloud Pak for Data On Premises Software 5 Future consideration