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Information Server - Platform

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To have separate timeout configuration for session expiration of interactive users sessions and back-end batch processes

Based on the recommendation for large metadata import - Inactive Session timeout needs to be configured to longer timeout value (86400 seconds) as metadata import batch processes run for ...
about 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 2 Not under consideration

Azure Authentication for IIS DataStage Trust Association Interceptor

Information Security directive within UPS to Azure Authentication to ensure valid users. UPS has been using EAM which is no longer supported and UPS is moving to Azure. Currently users are required to sign on to a DataStage environment and pro...
about 1 year ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Planned for future release

istool import DataStage jobs concurrently

InfoSphere Information Server's istools does not support concurrent import of DataStage jobs.
about 4 years ago in Information Server - Platform 2 Not under consideration

Enhanecement request to have file connector accept a list of hosts, and not just a single host name

Client uses orc and Avro HDFS formats, which in turn use File Connector stage instead of Big Data File stage. The file connector leverages WebHDFS and has a “host” property that must be explicitlyset to point to an active name node, in order f...
about 4 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Delivered

Certify IIS 11.5 with WinServer 2016

Micorsoft Windows Server 2016 is only supported/certified with the 11.7 version.As of now, there is no support for the version 11.5.Would you, please, certify IIS 11.5 with Microsoft Windows Server 2016!Corresponding Salesforce Case: TS001523521
almost 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 2 Not under consideration

AWS S3 connector through proxy

System: InfoSphere Metadata Asset ManagerActor: Client get the data from Amazon cloudDescription: We are trying to get catalog from cloud in IMAM using AWS 3 connector. We are not able to establish the successful connection to cloud and it is thro...
over 4 years ago in Information Server - Platform 1 Functionality already exists

DataStage support Java 1.8

WebSphere Application Server only supports Java 1.8 however the DataStage Engine only supports Java and
almost 4 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Delivered

Encrypt password for scripts configured for TLS

I have configured my IIS to use TLS from the following links
almost 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 1 Future consideration

Remove Flash as needed component for InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Edition

Our company wants to discontinue the usage of Flash, and we'd like to make an enhancement request for removal of Flash on the IBM InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Edition Suite and Information Data Architect 9.1.3 (if it needs it)...
over 4 years ago in Information Server - Platform 1 Not under consideration

Information Server 11.7.1 - XMETA support on SQL Server 2017

In IIS 11.7.1 we have XMETA supported on SQL Server 2016, but customers already moved to 2017. We need to stay current with IIS in terms of XMETA repository support and install IIS 11.7.1 on SQL Server 2017.
about 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Future consideration