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Allow role based access of specific hierarchies, specs and lookup tables

Currently different users within our business are able to modify specific hierarchies or attributes. However, just because a user can modify one of those areas does not mean they should be able to access all areas. For example, a marketing user ma...
3 months ago in Product Master 1 Not under consideration

NewUI - Need better clarity on the count of categories/items at category level

Consider the scenario, when a parent category has 2 child categories and each child category has only items mapped to it. Here in the NewUI, the parent category hovers (Category contains 2 subcategories and 0 items)Parent Category (2/0) Child ...
3 months ago in Product Master 0 Not under consideration

Allow configurable setting for connection.setConnectTimeout() and connection.setReadTimeout()

Machine Learning attribute classification fails intermittently due to read timeout. The (java) workflow engine is waiting on the machine learning (python) process to complete. For large datasets, there’s no way to speed it up. The machine learnin...
9 months ago in Product Master 0 Not under consideration

MDM CE Multi Edit Screen is very slow with items and doesn't have paging

When users view all catalog items on Multi Edit Screen and try to scroll them, the load takes a lot of time because as we know, MDM CE loads all items between that last loaded and items on which the window is focused.
almost 3 years ago in Product Master 2 Not under consideration

both “ACG Header” and “Group Specific access like Catalog, Hierarchy, Selection etc.” these two sections should be freezeed.

Is there any possibility that Horizontal Scrollbar can set it at end of Page by doing any configuration in Role?Because this will create difficulty in going to particular ACG out of 100's of ACGs. Request you to please check the same with the rel...
almost 3 years ago in Product Master 0 Not under consideration

MDM CE Watson Search results found words highlighting

We would to highlight found string in Watson Search results of MDM CE.For example we search for "ap", then in the search results we see items that have "application" and "apartment".We would like this "ap" in each found word to be highlighted.
about 3 years ago in Product Master 0 Not under consideration

spec attribute localized names used in resultset in Elastic Search

Elastic Search currently defaults to the specified locale such as (“en_US”). So it indexes items on elasticsearch, the spec attribute labeling and content gets indexed is based on that locale. However if there is custom attribute localized ...
about 3 years ago in Product Master 0 Not under consideration

Mapping role to Custom Tools in Java API

In IU when you open Data Model Manager->Security->Role Console and then Custom Tools Map you can map custom tool to role. But it's not possible to do it using Java/ Script API. Please add feature map role to Custom Tool using Java/ Script API.
about 3 years ago in Product Master 0 Not under consideration

Watson Search autocompletion in MDM CE

Please add autocompletion (suggestions) for searching in MDM CE via Watson Search field.Case TS001208459
about 3 years ago in Product Master 1 Not under consideration

Usability of copy row and copy cell in multiedit

Hi,sometimes users have mistakes when copy and paste cell or row and loosing data.And it would be good if "Copy Cell" and "Copy Row" will have some space between each others or add some access to role to manage this options.
about 3 years ago in Product Master 0 Not under consideration