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Planning Analytics

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Possibility for enduser (non-Admin) to edit a chore in TM1 Server Explorer

TM1 Server request: An end user does not have the possibility to edit (change/schedule/unschedule) a chore. It is required for this that he has the ADMIN authorization in Chore Security, but this can not be given by a TM1-administrator.Please make...
about 1 month ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

PAX and Cognos Packages with Calculations

Planning Analytics for Excel does NOT support the use of Calculation Objects from a Cognos BI Package.Please have PAX support Calculation Objects .
12 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Custom extensions / graphs in PAW

Currently customers are relying on predefined graphs on PAW. For example when analyzing scheduling data there is no Gantt chart or other convinient tool to create graphs for schedules.Many customers needs another platform for analyzing the schedul...
6 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

New TurboIntegrator/Rule function to obtain an Unique ID

In our on-premise application, a tremendous number of TI processes are executed simultaneously, requiring to be identified uniquely in the system in order to avoir locks. Historically we used a combination of 'RAND()' and other information to gene...
4 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Trace cell calculation in TM1 Web / TM1 Perspectives interface

Hello, More than one of our customers asked us if it was possible to trace cell calculations in TM1 Web reports or cube views and/or TM1 Perspectives Interface. We've seen that this feature is available in Planning Annalytics Workspace and this is...
4 months ago in Planning Analytics 2 Not under consideration

Revometer/Speedometer Graph

We are beginning to see an increasing demand for the "Revometer" graph from our "non-finance" folks. These customers will automatically disengage with stacked graphs/pie charts etc, which appear to "finance centric".
7 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Search functionality in Paw Rules/Process Widgets

Hi, it will be helpful to have search functionality in the modelling widgets (e.g. process editor) so that we can quickly move to other process in the same widget. Same is the case for the Rule Widget. Refer attachment showing the exact place.
4 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Mode 1 Users can change their own Password in Pafe

In security Mode 1, Pafe users are unable to change their password.Having such functionality would seem to be a basic feature of any client / server software and does exist in the legacy clients.
6 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Numeric Range Picklist

There are many occassion that we may need to create a picklist with numeric range, say 1~100 or maybe 1%~100%, and including decimal places.If we need to do it using the traditional way like static: or dimension: or subset:, the list could be very...
10 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration

Port TM1runTI.exe to use TM1/PA RestAPI

In our application we have a certain number of processes that use TM1runti.exe calls to execute other TI processes.It can be to enforce a transactional behaviour within a sub-process, to execute processes on other TM1 servers, ... In implementati...
4 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Not under consideration