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Spectrum LSF

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Provide "bkill -C 'some comment' jobid" Comment Message in RTM's grid_jobs and grid_jobs_finished tables

We will be doing automated killing of workload in 2022, and now that LSF provides the 'bkill -C' option, we would like that Kill message to be stored in RTM for auditing the reasons why jobs were killed by automation.
4 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Operations/RTM 0 Future consideration

Add Additional Metrics to 'badmin perfmon view'

We have a high propensity to perform the following commands: brun bmod brequeue bswitch bkill It would be good if LSF would keep track of the number of successful attempts to run those various commands as is more generally done within the 'badmi...
4 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Administration 0 Future consideration

Based upon the data collected from the 'gridperf' binary, keep a table of events type type 'mbdreconfig' & 'mbdrestart' and present in RTM

This is important as we don't often time capture a restart or a reconfig, it could even be as a result of a binary that is segfaulting and being restarted by LIM. It would be nice to be able to track these similar to the table below: MariaDB [cac...
4 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Operations/RTM 0 Future consideration

RTM's gridparams binary misses many 'bparams -l -a' options

It's important for cross cluster auditing that the RTM system includes all 'bparams -l -a' output. Today, there are several of these options that are not captured making the auditing of cluster configuration via RTM incomplete. Having written the...
4 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Operations/RTM 0 Future consideration

Add a bjobs -R option to seach combined Resource Requirements for jobs that match a select pattern

We have been working on performing analysis of buckets in RTM, and we have found some buckets that have difficulty getting access to resources. Though we have done this, searching for jobs that match a resource requirement is proving more difficul...
4 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Administration 0 Future consideration

Adjust login messages in LSF Explorer for better troubleshooting

We are facing a strange behaviour with the messages for a failed login at LSF Explorer Server. There are three scenarios: The user is not able to the system on the server where LSF Explorer is installed - hence the user is not able to login to LSF...
4 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Reporting/Explorer 0 Future consideration

Reporting both host-based pending reason and main pending reason

"LSF does not support reporting both host-based pending reason and main pending reason (about license)." Let me provide a portion of the bsub statement from our case to exemplify the customer's dilemma. bsub -R "rusage[mem=3000.00:duration=1m,md_r...
4 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Scheduling 0 Future consideration

Allow RTM Benchmark Jobs to be Spawned from Remote Data Collectors

Currently, RTM relies on the Web Server having client access to clusters to submit and track benchmark jobs. For some secure locations this is not possible. Instead, we would like the RTM data collectors to be able to manage this activity as well ...
4 months ago in Spectrum LSF 0 Future consideration

The Cluster Dashboard "Cluster Status" Should Show Active Users and not Configured Users

Change the Cluster Status panel to show "Active Users" instead of "Configured Users" which has not relevance for operation. "Active Users" is more usable for operations and planning.
4 months ago in Spectrum LSF 0 Future consideration

Can LSF support windows docker?

We need LSF support windows docker like support linux docker, to address my company all windows production line have different windows development environment, than IT team need maintain too many windows physical server or VM. so, we wish LSF can ...
4 months ago in Spectrum LSF / Simulation & Prediction 1 Not under consideration