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Watson Assistant

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Add delete confirmation on Multi-reponse nodes

One of the USP of Watson Assistant is super intuitive Dialog editor UI. Developers being key targets for WA, it is imperetive to have best in class UI. On nodes, multi-response condition, there is a delete and a gear icon. The icons are too close ...
almost 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Future consideration

Change font size and font colour in the Web Chat integration for WA

While working on a chatbot, using the web chat integration, I found that there's limited things one can customize to change the look and feel of a chatbot. The function updateCSSVariables only admits very few CSS variables. I think that font size ...
over 1 year ago in Watson Assistant 0 Future consideration

Select future or past or range for ambiguous sys-date and sys-time

Currently the system entities for date and time make a guess to fill in portions of the date and time that are not mentioned by the user. For example: "Monday" could be in the future or in the past. "4/5" could be this year, last year or next y...
about 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Future consideration

Airport Codes in @sys-location entity

Airport codes(eg: ATL for Atlanta, NYC for New York, BLR for Bangalore) to extract location from user utterances. Typing codes are faster than typing the entire location for a user and it will also be easier to identify the departure & arrival...
about 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Future consideration

Rename the "confidence" value to "score"

In mathematics, the standard way to refer to the numeric output representative of certainty of a classification algorithm is as a "score." The name of this in the json structure returned by Watson Assistant currently is "confidence". However, th...
over 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Future consideration

Status labels for dialog nodes

For every dialog node, user will be able to add status labels with color code to the node for their own references. Example of labels: draft (red), in review (orange), reviewed (cyan), final (green), etc
over 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Future consideration

Control of the API version on Bluemix Interface

Watson Conversations offers not only the API but also quite a complete interface that can be used by logging in Bluemix. In many projects, when business and experts train the system, they use the Bluemix interface. It is more or less intuitive an...
almost 4 years ago in Watson Assistant 1 Future consideration

WA2WA Communication

Allow a WA instance (A) to delegate a query to another WA instance (B). Propagate response from B to A. No impact on UI, there should be only one UI. Optionally add a Knowledge Harvesting capability to learn from instance B. Example, on repeat que...
almost 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Future consideration

Hindi language support

India is the 4th largest economy in the world with a population of 1.3 billion. Over 50% of the population speak & communicate in Hindi. While Watson is well regarded in the market, the lack of Hindi language support is hindering sales and wh...
about 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Future consideration

Predefined Intents in Watson Assistant

"Greetings" and "Thank you" are one of the intent that is being created in every workspace in Watson Assistant. We do have predefined intents such as welcome,anything_else, true, false etc. Adding Greetings & Thank you to that list as predefin...
about 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 2 Future consideration