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Replication: Change Data Capture

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Support of MultiByteCode for IBM i Agent

We have to store data from different IBM i Systems from several countries, with diffent local encodings (DE/AT = CCSID 273, NO = CCSID 277, BE = 500, ...) into one target schema. Therefore we descided to use for character fields the data type NCHA...
7 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 2 Not under consideration

Oracle account can be dynamic for creating CDC instance and CDC datastore

Problem statement/pain points: Now it needs a persistent static password for the oracle account when create CDC instance and CDC datestore and the password can change, otherwise the CDC instance and CDC datastore will not work if the password chan...
7 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 4 Future consideration

Extend FlexRep to Support Replicating to EnterpriseDB version 12 and 13 targets

Customers are limited to running on EnterpriseDB version 11 as CDC FlexRep is not officially supported on versions 12 or 13.
7 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 1 Delivered

Update IBM i Agent to EA API

I want to check the latency of subscrions on IBM i via chcclp scripts. But this is not supported or the result is empty.
7 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 2 Future consideration

REPORT,TYPE=STGSP support for cdc remote source

as you know, native cdc gives us an ability to report the staging space details, thus we can easily analyze the commit scope and related unit of works per subscription within a specified period of timeunfortunately, we just dont have the same oppu...
7 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 0 Not under consideration

RFE: Readable Commit Stream Topic + Commit Cycle ID (CCID)

We would like to use the information in the Commit Stream Topic, which IBM uses in a proprietary format for the TCC component, in a Kafka Streams Application in order to reconstruct a commit from our source database (Db2 for z/OS). Knowing the com...
8 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 1 Future consideration

Full Kerberos Support for IIDR CDC for Oracle

As part of the support ticket TS004884043, we found out that there is some Kerberos support currently available in IIDR CDC and that was tested too. However, it was mentioned that CDC switches to fast loads (non jdbc) for refreshes (bigger tables)...
8 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 1 Delivered


I have a requirement where we want to replicate data of a view to AIX side. I am attaching VIEW DDL is it possible with the help of CDC to achieve replication to AIX tableView on mianframe is as followsCREATE VIEW PPSDB01.EXPR_PAL_ADDR ASSELECT PA...
8 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 1 Future consideration

Add support for Journal Headers to KcopMultiRowAvroLiveAuditIntegrated

It would be useful if the features provided by both the Single and Multi Row Avro Audit KCOP matched. Specifically support for configurable Journal Headers would increase the usability of the MultiRow Audit KCOP
8 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 1 Delivered

Data masking

Hi, We are getting the requirement to mask the data that CDC is publishing into target kafka topics. Currently, we find this feature is not available.It would be great, if you can plan and add this feature to IIDR CDC.Thanks,Kotteeswaran
8 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 1 Future consideration