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Cloud Pak for Data

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Display the warning when User would delete DV table that used in the analytics projects be someone created.

When we would delete a DV(data virtualized) table, we want to the information where is one DV table used. Because, if someone is using this DV table, it is probrem that DV table be deleted.Current workaround is nothing.
over 1 year ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Data Virtualization 2 Planned for future release

Allow central configuration of platform settings (especially for SSL CA setup for Git)

Many platform parameters need to be configured using config parametersIn order to configure the CA for a self-hosted Git server in R Studio, the CAs needs to be added through the Git integration token in the UI. Even though this works, it is coun...
6 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Studio / Cloud Pak for Data On Premises Software 0 Future consideration

Replacement of Rest API calls for XMETA information with database connectors for much much faster retrieval

Hello,My team is trying to run a job in Data Stage on ING Datalakes and it takes around 10+ hours to complete. Performance issue is generated by Rest API calls while retrieving data from XMETA, daily run being questionable due to this approach. ...
7 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / DataStage 0 Future consideration

Evolve Data Refinement to more advanced capabilities

To make Data Refinement more attractive to Data Scientists, more advanced capabilities should be available, like some of the features available in AutoAI today, but still with the opportunity to build models manually. Like Train/Test Split, Encod...
7 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Studio 3 Functionality already exists

DV Admin should be able to manage access of more than one "My Virtualized Data" at the same time. See TS004587996.

TS004587996 has all the details. The current UI design only allow one my virtualized data to be managed at a time. In order to manage access of one virtualized data, 7 to 10 clicks are required. With 70 virtualized data to manage, this quickly bec...
8 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Data Virtualization 0 Planned for future release

Discover assets from Amazon Redshift

When discover assets from Amazon Redshift, Analysis quality failed using latest driver redshift-jdbc42- or RedshiftJDBC42-no-awssdk- message:The connector requested that the driver set the transaction isolation level to TRAN...
8 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Knowledge Catalog 1 Delivered

Graphical representation of various stages in Data Refinery

There should be a way to graphically represent of various stages in Data Refinery for better user experience. Currently the different stages in Data refinery is not very clear.
9 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Studio 2 Functionality already exists

Add possibility for disabeling Data Refinery

Resources are always an issue in Cloud Pak for Data, especially in small environments with only 48 cores. In installations that support “native” Data Science use cases (that is customers, just using Jupyter notebooks in WSL, doing their stuff in P...
9 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Studio 0 Future consideration

Allow CPD Admin to list all "Connection" objects and check whether tha connection is using Personal or Shared Credential

CPD allows user to create connection with Personal or Shared credential. By the default, the option is default to Shared Credential. Almost enterprise organization prevent their user to use shared credential, so there is a requirement to allow CPD...
10 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cloud Pak for Data On Premises Software 4 Not under consideration

A tab-separated values (TSV) file format should be supported as source data in Data Virtualization.

A tab-separated values (TSV) file format should be supported as source data in Data Virtualization. (A Japanese Client) CSV file format is listed in the supported data source list for Data Virtualization as below.
about 2 years ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Data Virtualization 1 Planned for future release