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FTM for Check Services

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Provide a method to further filter Image Review criteria.

From Top Ten: Regions (Ken Maddox)), Item Number: 2018007, Votes: 5, IBM T-Shirt: M Add a process by which FI's can turn off specific image review tests based on their criteria at the item level (RT, Acct, Dollar Amt, or some combination).
almost 2 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Transaction Processing - Distribution 0 Future consideration

Un-do option for Image Compliance - This is also RFE 115264

From Top Ten: Citizens (Gus Penedo), Item Number: 2018001, Votes: 16, IBM T-Shirt: L Inability to go back to change decision in Image Compliance and Dupe Detect review. Basically, need an "oops" button similar to Payment Repair
almost 2 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Transaction Processing - Distribution 0 Future consideration

Automated Prioritization with Modification

From Top Ten: U.S. Bank (Michelle Wright), Item Number: 2018002, Votes: 20 Global automated prioritization at the file level for all apps with the ability to apply manual prioritization at the file level when needed. Comments: 12/3/18: Not...
almost 2 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Transaction Processing - Distribution 1 Future consideration

Image Review MICR Font size

In Image Review, the font size of the data the MICR fields is way too small. The request is to make the font size of the codeline data customizable and/or increase the font size.
almost 2 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Usability 0 Future consideration

Make the comment fields on the TCR adjustment window configurable so only the number of comment lines required for a particular adjustment are available / visible to the user.

- Having only the comment lines required for the adjustment visible would make filling out the adjustment window straight forward and more efficient for the user since they will only see the required comment fields rather than having to rely on pr...
almost 2 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Usability 0 Future consideration

Improvement for the Image degradation issue in Duplicate review screen in FTM/IPD

In the Duplicate review screen, the two images (Review item and Comparison item) are side by side displayed, but due to the degradation of the image as compared to the actual image quality, the details displayed are not very clear leading to the r...
about 2 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Exception Handling, Remediation Processing 0 Future consideration

Settlement to post a system log error message when the accumulator assigned does not exist in the IZR_ACCUM table with the affected Batch/ICL number

If an item has assigned an accumulator that is not defined in the IZR_ACCUM table, balancer can find the missing money more easily if Settlement posts system log error messages that provides the affected batch/ICL number and invalid accumulator nu...
over 2 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Alerting & Notifications 0 Future consideration

Automate WAS server failover when Multiple DBs are used

USB would like IBM to automate the failover of WAS servers when multiple DBs are used. USB wants to avoid manual failover setup of services framework tasks if there exists multiple WAS servers on different Databases.
over 2 years ago in FTM for Check Services / High Availability, Zero Downtime 1 Future consideration

New a TIFF Correction Report

A TIFF correction Report can assist an FI in identifying TIFF TAGS that have been corrected showing the initial value and the corrected value.
over 2 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Dashboard, Reports & Insights 0 Future consideration

Support for transformation stylesheets for outbound ACKs

The ability to specify a transformation stylesheet for outbound ACKs in the service framework tasks configurations. Similar stylesheets are supported for transmission and email acknowledgements.
over 2 years ago in FTM for Check Services / Integration 0 Future consideration