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FTM for SWIFT Services

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FTM-MER should be able to handle this double slash (//) checking

FTM-MER should be able to handle this double slash (//) checkingIn existing Merva users are required to key in a double slash '//' at the beginning ofeach account number. In FTM this is not required anymore but since the users areused to keying in...

Expected FTM-MER NOT to split bank/location or Prefix/Suffix

Expected FTM-MER NOT to split bank/location or Prefix/Suffix.Field 22 - for MT305 / MT600 Field 22C - for MT300, MT320For example, current MERVA:Party Ref PartyPBBEK0 0175 PBBEPXFTM-MER:Party Prefix PBBE Party Suffix K0Ref 0175Party Prefix PBBE Pa...

Create Shortcut button in MER Msg EDITOR screen

PBB User expecting to have shortcut button to view the next message instead of user have to quit (return to the queue) then only to select the next message in FTM-MER1) User excepting Next button after opening the message from Message List page2)...

MER Find Message" function"

MER Find Message" function"There are more messages with TTKLC* other than the 5 messages but it shows up the "and more".The user cannot click on the "and more .." to navigate to the next messages.In the "Find Message" function at the Message Entry...
11 months ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Administration & Configuration 1 Functionality already exists

Change the 'date' column in the MER Facility Message List to "Value Date"

Change the 'date' column in the MER Facility Message List to "Value Date"; only the header line text to change from "Date" to "Value date".Reference: Case# TS004981314
11 months ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Administration & Configuration 1 Not under consideration

Pop-Up message "This will discard all data you have entered" when no performed changes

In MER Message Edit Page when a message is opened and then select the quit button, there is a Pop-Up message "This will discard all data you have entered. Proceed?". This is happening for MER Queues with 'DISPLAY' purpose also.Request: Could MER r...
11 months ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Other 0 Future consideration

Client is looking for custom screen, custom fields, and search options in the FTM4SWIFT MER screen.

Currently, In MERVA environment client using custom MERVA screen and custom fields to journal (Message Tracking) all incoming/outgoing FIN SWIFT messages as well re-routing activities within MERVA branches/users. For All the Message Types, the fol...
about 1 year ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Usability 1 Functionality already exists

Support longer passwords for standalone utilities using DB2

The standalone DB2 utilities of FTM SWIFT should allow using a password longer than 8 characters. This is required to use moden authentication means as pass phrases or pin/token.On z/OS, this implies support of JDBC type 4 connections.Relevant uti...
about 1 year ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Integration 0 Delivered

FTM for SWIFT - Amount field with ',' formatting on the MER screen

PBB would like the following requirement implemented...Problem Description: By default MER Screen expecting to enter a ',' as a separator in the amount field. Is there any setting in FTM to change to amount format to include '.' instead of ',' e.g...

FTM SWS, Enhanced resilience in z/OS High Availability configuration.

Case: Having FTM SWS running in High Availability mode across several z/OS lpars. Idea: If one FTM SWS on one lpar encounters a problem it should "step back" and let other remaining FTM SWS on other lpars take care of the workload, instead of ke...
about 1 year ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / High Availability, Zero Downtime 0 Future consideration