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Information Server - Platform

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To have a feature to update multiple ETLs at once thru DataStage designer interface

The idea is to have an additional tool or feature to allow multiple updates of similar changes to ETLs at once. This has to be done through DataStage interface. As IBM support has confirmed, 'there is no supported way of doing it' currently. Curr...
over 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 1 Future consideration

Better messages in setup to help on debug

I had a problem during IBM Information Server installation. It passes all the prereqs verification, than I choose to use an exisitng WebSPhere installation and it returns an error after discovering the WAS Profile. WARNING:
over 2 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Not under consideration

add option for BigIntegrate Docker (bind more volume, specify storage driver)

With the deployment of BigIntegrate v11.7.0.1 in docker mode, we are face to a lake of capacity. We can't add other connector like oracle client, SAP, or db2 client. We don't want to use JDBC version of those connector. So we expect that in the ...
almost 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Planned for future release

Extend ondwa to include a report of the tables included in a named data mart and the volume of data in each table in each IWA data mart.

In an environment with many data marts defined across multiple schema databases it becomes difficult to keep track of what tables are included in what marts and the volume of data in each. A report that could be produced from the IWA node using on...
almost 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 1 Not under consideration

Support Greenplum 5.7 in Connector and ODBC

Customer who already use information server for MDM is now asking POC to use Information server for broader coverage beyond MDM, one of the requirement is to be able to support Greenplum 5.7
about 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Functionality already exists

Certify IIS 11.5 with WinServer 2016

Micorsoft Windows Server 2016 is only supported/certified with the 11.7 version.As of now, there is no support for the version 11.5.Would you, please, certify IIS 11.5 with Microsoft Windows Server 2016!Corresponding Salesforce Case: TS001523521
about 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 2 Not under consideration

Allow parallel job processing directly from Sequencer

In the event that IBM ever decides to expand or modify the functionality of the Job Sequence, it would be great if it could simultaneously run multiple lines of execution (off of job sequencers, command executions, loops, etc.) in parallel to allo...
over 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Not under consideration

Make available a list of supported Source/Target Connections and the supported versions

Please provide a list off all the supported data sources and versions.I believe this is currently already provided for other products ( e.g. Cognos - the 'supported software - data sources ' tab on the Software Product Compatibility Report "https...
over 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Functionality already exists

Bundle an ODBC driver for Microsoft Access with Information Server

Information Server does not include an ODBC driver for Microsoft Access. There are several problems with using the Microsoft one on windows and there is no driver available on linux.
over 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Not under consideration

Change the user account requirement of InfoSphere Information Server installation on Windows

According to IBM Knowledge Center, user accounts that are required to install InfoSphere Information Server on Windows is following;A user account in the local Administrators group. This account must be one of the following types:- A local accoun...
over 3 years ago in Information Server - Platform 0 Not under consideration