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Master Data Management

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Support multiple nodes for Jetty Server in MDM Publisher

Please add support for multiple fault tolerant instances of Jetty Server. If the node containing a Jetty Server instance fails then another instance should be able to continue publishing updates to Master Data Connect.Note - This request is referr...
about 1 year ago in Master Data Management 1 Future consideration

Generate CSV same as XML file from BatchExport

As given in the PMR: wanted to have InfoSphere Reference data management to support BatchExport API to:Allow both "set" and "value" data...
about 1 year ago in Master Data Management 2 Not under consideration

MDM Beta: API to match subset of records or delta new records?

The APIs seems to only allow you to perform bulk matching of all the data to all the data. If it was extended to allow you to do matching for delta new records, like all records from a given date, or all records since last match, then it would all...
about 1 year ago in Master Data Management 2 Planned for future release

MDM Beta: Overview screen Matching Setup thinks you still need to setup data and model but it is already published.

If you never have run matching before but you have already published data and a model. The overview screen says on the bottom half that you still need to setup data and a model. There is no link on the next step so it took me a while to figure out...
about 1 year ago in Master Data Management 0 Is a defect

MDM Beta: Show time remaining when loading data or performing matching.

So far I get the impression that MDM Beta is slow. Because a user is phsyically waiting on the screen for something to happen, please show an indicator of estimated time remaining so they know if they should wait or go for a coffee break.If possib...
about 1 year ago in Master Data Management 0 Planned for future release

MDM Beta: Can't search for Legal Name Prefix when mapping because missing dash.

When you're manually mapping columns. If you search for Prefix it returns results, Legal Name it returns results. But if you search for "Legal Name Pre" it will not show any results. That is because it's missing a dash. So make the search more fle...
about 1 year ago in Master Data Management 0 Planned for future release

MDM Beta: Copy mapping from previously mapped file knowing that the file layout is the same.

Instead of mapping each new file again and again. If you're always using data in the same format, give the option to copy the mapping from a previously mapped file.
about 1 year ago in Master Data Management 0 Planned for future release

Request RDM to support the navigate to the CD value page (Reference Data Set) from mapping page.

RDM supports CD values mapping by storing source and target key (CD value ID). However, we can’t navigate to the CD value page (Reference Data Set) from mapping page. We need to copy the source or target key value. Then go to Reference Data Set ta...
about 1 year ago in Master Data Management 1 Not under consideration

Survivorship rules for consent

There is no doubt from the many GDPR conversations we've had with clients that there will be many different approaches to survivorship of consent, both in terms of different consents received for the same individual, and in terms of survivorship w...
over 2 years ago in Master Data Management 0 Not under consideration

Product support for Infosphere MDM verions installed on Nutanix

We have adopted Nutanix as our chosen on premises infrastructurehypervisor technology and the lack of support for this platform is concerningand may prevent us migrating to the latest software version (currently9.7). Any future plans for supportin...
over 1 year ago in Master Data Management 4 Functionality already exists