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Spectrum LSF

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RTM Implementation Total GPU Wall time statistic.

RTM GPU Wall time statistic is limited to "only Finished Exclusive job has GPU wall time reported and it based on DCGM".We would like to see statistic for GPU wall time usage regardless job exist status and GPU mode. Also because GPUs are occupied...
7 months ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Future consideration

LSF integration with latest DCGM

LSF provides integration with DCGM so that GPU usage data can be collected in lsb.acct log file. However, the latest LSF only supports DCGM v1.7.2, which goes with CUDA10.For customs like us, we used CUDA11, which needs DCGM v2.1.4, and we would l...
8 months ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Delivered

Set a limit for service class

It would be useful to set a limit in lsb.resources for Serive Class "SLA" in order give some minimum guarantee with SLA and set a maximium number of resorucese usable in this SLA.It would be excellent to indicate the limit with the number of nodes...
about 1 year ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Future consideration


Because "Preemption scheduling" is actually for the jobs in different queues.LSF today has no such feature or concept of in-queue preemption. the new feature maybe work like this:define a INQUEUE_PREEMPT=[[userA,80%] [userB,20%]] ...For example, ...
over 1 year ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Future consideration

License Scheduler ENABLE_DYNAMIC_RUSAGE + FAST_DISPATCH combination

We are troubled by the slow dispatch time of jobs, when the license scheduler is involved. Even after lengthy optimization, the dispatch time remains at 10-25 seconds, which is not good. (note that LMSTAT time and interval is just 3 seconds).If th...
almost 2 years ago in Spectrum LSF 0 Future consideration

LSF Explorer support for multiple clusters with the same name

Customer has multiple clusters with the same cluster name.Changing LSF cluster names to be unique is not an option.Their environment is large.Other products in the LSF family support this.LSF_LIC_SCHED_CLUSTER_ALIAS addresses the concern for Licen...
about 2 years ago in Spectrum LSF 0 Future consideration

Allow functionality to save report selections in explorer GUI

Currently there is no option to save selections( time, dimensions, mesures, filters) made by a user on a given Explorer report.
over 2 years ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Future consideration

Eliminating swap as the factor in the threshold definition

Using the Smart Memory limits in LSF with the parameter "LSB_MEMLIMIT_ENF_CONTROL" , there should be an option to define inly MEM threshold and exclude the SWAP threshold.
over 2 years ago in Spectrum LSF 1 Delivered

Need to submit jobs from x86_64 systems to CORAL systems

The IBM supercomputer is only one part of the computing ecosystem in the center. We need the ability to submit jobs back into the cluster from other platforms in the center that are x86_64.
over 2 years ago in Spectrum LSF 0 Delivered

LSF Smart Memory Limit & Docker integration

Enabling the Smart Memory Limit conflicts with the Docker integration settings - in that, you cannot have both enabled at the same time. We believe the offending (Docker) config line is:LSB_RESOURCE_ENFORCE="cpu memory"
almost 3 years ago in Spectrum LSF 2 Not under consideration