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SPSS Statistics

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Clopper Pearson Confidence Interval for frequency statistics in Bar-Graphs in Chart Builder

In the Chart Builder for Bar-Graphs the dialog offers the function to display error bars. This works fine for metric data, if "mean" or "median" is selected as statistics. But what is missing ist the function to display the error bars, if frequ...
over 2 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

ODBC Driver support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017

No description provided
over 2 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Delivered

Export function for SPSS CADS job history data on Deployment Manager

Currently SPSS CADS does not provide an export function of job history data. It is possible to do it using Python or SQL for Db2 repository, but it would be far more convinient to do it on Deployment Manager.
over 2 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Not under consideration

Add Steel-Dwass test on SPSS Statistics Non-parametric test

Steel-Dwass test is Post-hoc test for Non-parametric test. JMP can analyze Steel-Dwass test, But SPSS Statistics doesn't have Steel-Dwass test. SPSS Statistics can't Post-hoc test on Non-parametric test now.
over 2 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

Get a warning when the number of authorization codes run out

This has to do with the authorization codes. Specially big universities that handle a lot of users want to get a warning when the number of authorizations code is on the way to run out. They don't want to risk the case that a student ask for a lic...
over 2 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

SPSS License Manager's log file should log both "Client PC IP address" and "Client PC Host name".

SPSS License Manager's log file log only "Client PC Host name", and doesn't log "Client PC IP address". If Client PC has Host name, the log file logged only Client PC Host name. It is difficult to know the PC's IP address. My customer would like...
over 2 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

On restrictions on String variables used for 'Grouping Valiable' of 'Independent-Samples T test'

About 'Grouping Valiable' of 'Independent-Samples T test'.Improvement requestI would like to use Long String (eg 24 bytes) as 'Grouping Valiable'.In the case of String variable, only variables that variable width is 8 or less can be input to [Grou...
almost 3 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Future consideration

More convenient search, find, and enter variables in the input dialog box

Analysis procedures need variable names but it is time consuming to have to scroll through the list when there are hundreds of variables. It would help if there was a better way to search, find, and enter the variable names. At the very least, if ...
almost 3 years ago in SPSS Statistics 2 Functionality already exists

Every group Unstandardized Canonical Discirminant Function Coefficients

If /CLASSIFY = NONMISSING POOLED is set, Unstandardized Canonical Discir-minant Function Coefficients is output.However, it is not output when /CLASSIFY = NONMISSING SEPARATE is set.Would you improve the Discriminant algorithm so that even if / CL...
about 3 years ago in SPSS Statistics 1 Delivered

Settings in crosstables when weighting is on

When weighting is on and you do the same frequency crosstable with both the crosstabs command and the custom tables command, the 2 tables don't always show the same Counts because of different settings. Crosstabs round the Counts Before, and that ...
about 3 years ago in SPSS Statistics 0 Not under consideration