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Watson Discovery Service (WDS)

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end-users of API want to show highlights/passages in context

The HB team has now wanted the same feature out of Discovery twice - in one case, we went a different direction because we didn't want to give tooling magic powers, in the other case, we wrote the feature into the demo. If an internal team buildin...
over 4 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 2 Delivered

Create a supported UI for the service

WDS is not intended to be a full blown search app, but it is much more capable than it used to be. We could win some enterprise search business if we had a standard, supported UI that made connecting to and using the service simple. At first it ...
almost 3 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 1 Delivered

Improvements to stemming in Italian language

The current stemming approach used for Italian language misses some patterns for plurals e.g. (visti, visto). Look into improvements that can capture more of these patterns.
over 3 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Delivered

Usage Statistics on Individual Collections

Discovery allows me today to get usage data for an Environment, but I'm curious how much storage space each of my collections is using.
over 4 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Delivered

Ticket CS0057901 Issue with Spanish Document Upload size 20 MB

Ticket CS0057901 Email attached All other set of option tried is 1) Compressed Size PDF Reduced size by 56% to 8.4 MB 2) Change of Adobe doc properties to 1.4 3) Split of Doc into multiple docs
over 3 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Delivered

Provide the ability to encrypt all customer data with Key Protect

I work with FSS customers and they have expressed a very strong need to be able to encrypt any data that might contain confidential information with their own master encryption key. We should be able to use Key Protect to provide this encryption.
over 3 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Delivered

WDS needs to be deployable to IBM Cloud Isolated Environments

WDS Premium is not sufficient for many customers as it only provides container based separation/isolation on shared infrastructure. As we move away from the fully dedicated "Bluemix" capability to the IBM Cloud Isolated offering where customers c...
over 3 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 2 Delivered

Add an interface for adding support for other languages

Let's enable users to model their own natural language. I realize adding support for language is not easy. However, to really achieve more widespread adoption, we need support for more languages. I believe there are many IBMers like me, but also d...
over 3 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 1 Delivered

Developing new languages for Central Europe (Czech, Bulgarian, Slovakian, Magyar)

Hi, a major bank, KBC, is working across Europe and wants to deploy one AI technology across the group. They've started off with Watson Conversation service in Dutch and are very happy with the quality. Considering WDS is coming now in Dutch, th...
about 4 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 1 Delivered

Inbuilt capability to understand FAQ documents

Currently, FAQ documents (documents that are already structured in question and answer sections in pdf, word,) need to be pre processed into QnA json units and then imported into discovery. It would be better to have inbuilt feature to understand ...
over 4 years ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 2 Delivered