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Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS

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Support for AES_256 ciphers in DVM Studio secure connections

Currently with DVM Studio v1.1.53 it is not possible to establish a secure TLSv1.2 connection to the z/OS DVM server using AES_256 ciphers. Attempts to connect securely using an AES_256 cipher result in the following error:An error occurred while...
over 1 year ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Planned for future release

Add support for a procedural language within DVM

Currently all logic within DVM is encapsulated with the SQL statements. This limits the amount of logic that can be handled within DVM and forces us to potentially make multiple distributed calls to DVM to complete one unit of work. By adding (o...
10 months ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Not under consideration

Converting ZCEE WOLA to ZCEE JVM

Currently the connection between zCEE and DVM is over WOLA. This setup requires a 1:1 zCEE server for each DVM subsystem that needs to expose web services. We would like to see an alternative interface added that would allow multiple DVMs to be ...
over 1 year ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 2

Support for Greenplum

Currently we access Greenplum using the JDBCGateway. WE have seen numerous abends using this method. Also a bug has been identified using the UNION ALL in JDBCGateway. Please build in Greenplum support

Add schema support to DVS

In our test environments we have the same Db2 tables on the same Db2 subsystem under different schemas. This allows for multiple teams to be testing against different sets of data, and potentially different version of table DDL at the same time. ...
almost 2 years ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0

Provide detailed information about User Exit interface in product manual

Some of the IBM software products such as IMS, Db2 and Db2 HPU, etc. provide User Exit interface to enhance the product's capability to customers' particular requirements. Such products usually have a corresponding chapter or appendix in their pro...
almost 3 years ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 1 Planned for future release

Provide "SQL Reference" product manual for DVM

(This IDEA item was written based on my own experience in DVM POC test at customer site.) So far, DVM does not provide "SQL Reference" kind of product manual which describes SQL syntax rules supported by DVM. Somebody said it is because DVM is co...
almost 3 years ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 2 Delivered

Targeted Refresh for z/OS Connect server

Currently, when implementing web services, the final step is to refresh z/OS Connect. The refresh will make available all web services that have been added to DVM regardless of whether the supporting area want them to be available. For example, ...
about 1 year ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 1

z/OS Connect Refresh during import

Currently, when new web services are added, z/OS Connect must be refreshed to recognize the existence of a new operation or group of operations. The refresh must be done by issuing a REST call to /dvs?Refresh. Ideally, there should be a way to i...
about 1 year ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Not under consideration

Allow for the creation of a Web Service directory as part of the import

Currently, a Web Service directory has to be manually created on the DVM subsystem using DVM Studio before web services can be migrated. Any steps that cannot be accomplished during the import (either JCL or REST call) is not guaranteed to be rep...
about 1 year ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 1