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Master Data Management

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Allow consent to be recorded for Organizations in MDM

Currently, attempts to record consent against an contact in MDM classified as an organization yields the following error:<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><TCRMService xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="
about 1 year ago in Master Data Management 5 Future consideration

Allow Owner and Giver to reside in different CIFs

Sample scenarios:An adult (parent, guardian) provides consent on behalf of a child. The child is a client, the adult is not.A company officer provides consent on behalf of an organization For both scenarios the following five cases are material:Bo...
about 1 year ago in Master Data Management 3 Future consideration

Add Filters to searchConsent/getAllConsentByParty

Two use cases: Operational use cases are typically interested in the set of active consents for a given client.Some use cases only have an interest in a specific consent. Typically these use cases will know client ID and Processing Purpose Type Code
over 1 year ago in Master Data Management 4 Future consideration

Enhancing Patient Safety when Potential Overlay is Identified Using IBM MDM

Issue:The MDM application leaves a PO record in an entity. This allows a search based off the PO ID or the PO Demographics to return an incorrect patient. Currently the application prevents returning the ID when requested which helps prevent send...
over 1 year ago in Master Data Management 4 Planned for future release

To allow re adding the member in the grouping through addPartyGroupingAssociation service.

addPartyGroupingAssociation service does not allow to add the party back to the grouping if the party was earlier part of the grouping and the grouping association has been end dated
over 1 year ago in Master Data Management 1 Not under consideration

Enable Tenant as a filter for consent

The new consent framework allows consents to be associated with a tenant (Line of Business). Our MDM implementation is enterprise-wide, serving several LoBs, but typical queries will be from specific LoBs, interested primarily in consents germaine...
over 1 year ago in Master Data Management 5 Future consideration

Rationalization of container image sizes for MDM and BAW (IBM Stewardship Center)

We have recently performed an installation of IBM MDM (11.6 FP10) and IBM Stewardship Center on top of BAW ( on a containerized environment (Kubernetes). There are practical challenges in handling images of such huge size (running in t...
over 1 year ago in Master Data Management 1 Not under consideration

Partitioning by region via PME Data Source

MDM v10.1 describes the Data Source for the probabilistic matching tables via PME specific properties files. This has enabled to configure PME Data Source to be different then the Data Source for the rest of the MDM operational tables, in order to...
over 1 year ago in Master Data Management 1 Not under consideration

MDM AE : Performance overhead due to timestamp field format

As per the Bank's service contract, timestamp must have 'T' in the data to comply the contract validation. (Ex: 2012-03-25T00:00:00.002). But on IBM MDM service response, this T is not available on timestamp which leads to contract validation fa...
over 1 year ago in Master Data Management 2 Not under consideration

Run workbench without Admin access

IBM Services team came over last year, and told RBC developer needs Admin access on their laptop, to customize MDM behavior.It's RBC policy not granting individual Admin access on his laptop. We come up with workaround. IBM consultant developed MD...
over 1 year ago in Master Data Management 2 Not under consideration