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Spectrum Conductor

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Dashboard cluster utilization report

Need for a better, configurable dashboard, that communicates the (usable) slots and memory utilization of the grid, provides some context, shows where the actual work is happening, and can be used by developers, grid admins, and regular business u...
8 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Version 2.4.1 0 Future consideration

Blocking hosts participation in any cluster activity

Request for enhancement to have slot allocations get blocked for spark drivers / executors on nodes that are already declared as blocked by EGO in a scenario in which the Instance Group has not yet been deployed to those nodes. Today, when a node ...
over 1 year ago in Spectrum Conductor / Version 2.4.1 1 Delivered

Enable parallel deployment on "started" SIGs

Request for enhancement in which Conductor allows a running instance group to perform a resource group deploy push to all hosts in a resource group, resulting in a parallel deployment of the SIG onto those hosts. Currently today, that functionalit...
over 1 year ago in Spectrum Conductor / Version 2.4.1 1 Delivered

MapR Support for Dask Component in Conductor

Version: 2.5.0Platform: x86Description: We'd like to request the development team to include MapR support for the Dask component of Conductor 2.5.0. We would like to be able to use the DataConnector to connect to MapR to read and write within a da...
9 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Future Version 0 Future consideration

Git Integration Enhancement

Hi, we would like to request an enhancement to the JupyterLab notebook bundled with Spectrum Conductor that would allow for integration with GitHub.
over 1 year ago in Spectrum Conductor / Version 2.4.1 2 Delivered

NFSV4 Support

NFSv4 upgrade
about 2 years ago in Spectrum Conductor / Version 2.3 1 Delivered

IBM Spectrum Conductor MUST set ?cache-control' response header to ?no-cache, no-store'.

Bank of America has a Global Information Security Standard that requires that IBM Spectrum Conductor (and all other applications at Bank of America) MUST set ‘cache-control' response header to ‘no-cache, no-store'. IBM Spectrum Conductor (Versio...
9 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Version 2.4.1 0 Planned for future release

SIG specific data and logs clean up

Conductor clean up service currently supports periodic clean up of data and logs with global cluster level retention parameters. Request is to support custom log/data retentions of files at per SIG level overriding global settings.
9 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Version 2.4.1 1 Delivered

Update sparkling water notebook state in spectrum conductor once the cluster is unhealthy

H2O sparkling water is currently integrated within spectrum conductor but doesn't monitor the status of the H2O cluster to update the state of the sparkling water notebook even when the cluster status is unhealthy. We would like to make sure the s...
10 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Version 2.4.1 0 Future consideration

Supporting block listing in Conductor Spark 2.3 and later

Blacklisting of hosts that had certain number of tasks or executor failures due to various reasons. This entails blocking hosts from taking more tasks and recording and notifying users for further investigation. This will also mean to reschedule f...
11 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Version 2.4.1 0 Future consideration