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Spectrum Symphony

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Run Tomcat in Its Own Account

Please find attachment.
over 3 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 2 Delivered

Timeout in SessionCallback API

Adding timeout in the API call under timeout in sessionCallback, specifically for onResponse and onException. currently if client application hangs on these API calls it would hang indefinitely until app level time out.
almost 2 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1.2 3 Delivered

PLC Process not updating DB in a timely manner

We need same this functionality in v7.2 as wellIBM development team has analyzed the PLC data loading issue where the recovery time is large. The solution is a large Project level effort that requires change in PLC behavior. The proposed enhanceme...
over 3 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.1 1 Delivered

Balance tasks between Resource Groups

We currently use Balanced Slot Allocation in Resource groups to allow tasks to be balanced evenly between resources. However, if Resource groups are heterogeneous, or if a Consumer can use 2 resource groups, it is not balancing tasks between the r...
almost 2 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.2.1 1 Delivered

[HostFactory][RFE][PIMCO] - HostFactory supports AWS reserved instance

Currently HF supports on-demand and spot instance. We request to support reserved instance. There are 2 types reserved instance. We expect IBM symphony can support both however we will use scheduled reserved instance around May, 2020https://d...
almost 2 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.2.1 3 Delivered

Certify for Citi - Symphony on RHEL 7.6

Hi, CITI planning to build symphony on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.6 (Maipo).Please certify it for CITI.
almost 2 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 1 Delivered

SD crash during port scan

During our vulnerability scan, SD process crash and don't take any more jobs until we restart it. We need to add some protection mechanism to avoid crashing process.
almost 2 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.2 2 Delivered

Support MDS resource fencing for Windows for Sym7.3

Per the latest 7.3 document, that MDS resource fending is not supported on windows. would like to request the support for windows as well for both CPU an...
almost 2 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.3 1 Delivered

[RFE][CS] - Recursive workload support for MDS

Currenlty MDS supports recursive workload backfill only if the child task's resource slot definition is the same with the parent. it would be very useful for child tasks backfill to be enabled if parent and child slot definitions are different.
almost 2 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 7.3 1 Delivered

Symphony Client 5.2 Solaris x86 build with gcc compiler. (and 7.1.1)

I need a symphony client x86 build for Solaris, with gcc compiler as below.symclnt-x86-sol10-gcc343-5.2.0.tar.gz symclnt-x86-sol10-gcc346-5.2.0.tar.gzWe will also need this for 7.1.1 on Solaris.
almost 6 years ago in Spectrum Symphony / Version 5.2 3 Delivered