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Watson Discovery Service (WDS)

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Overlap of Left and right view of a page in SDU training

While tranining the SDU , a page is shown on left side with actual text and right side with boxes placed instead of text and coloured by appropriate fields but initially the color of text all over. In a dense document, it becomes difficult for us...
over 1 year ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 1 Functionality already exists

Support WKS subtypes

When uploading a trained WKS model as machine learning enrichment, only entities are detected and indexed, but not subtypes (on WD for CP4D).Please also consider supporting subtypes in the planned real-time NLP feature.
over 1 year ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 1 Not under consideration

Need the custom crawler sample with Python

Currently the custom crawler sample code is Java only. My customer is requesting the Python one for their ease of use and productivity.
over 1 year ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 1 Future consideration

Multiple rankers per collection

Are there any plans to suppport more than one ranker for a given Discovery collection. This would help us train and test a "ranker B" while "ranker A" is in production. The alternative that we see is to create duplicate/synched Discovery collectio...
over 1 year ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration

Creating Expansions while operation in progress returns 500 instead of 409

Follow up from #1474 which was closed without a resolution.Currently, if the user initiates a request to POST /v1/environments/${environment_id}/collections/${collection_id}/expansions while a process (such as a snapshot, etc) is running on their ...
over 1 year ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 1 Future consideration

Make "name" optional for updateConfiguration and updateCollection

The Discovery updateConfiguration and updateCollection operations currently require name to be specified in the update request. If the user doesn’t want to change the name — just some other attribute — they still have to pass the "name" (and make ...
over 1 year ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 1 Future consideration

Improve error description for incorrectly formatted date values

The request body for a createEvent operation may contain a client_timestamp property whose value is expected to be a date-time in ISO8601 format. If the value does not conform to ISO 8601, the operation returns a 400 error with a very general erro...
over 1 year ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 2 Delivered

Discovery “getTokenizationDictionaryStatus” returns a non-standard error response for a 404 error

The “getTokenizationDictionaryStatus” operation (GET on /v1/environments/{environment_id}/collections/{collection_id}/word_lists/tokenization_dictionary) returns a "TokenDictStatusResponse" rather than a standard error response for 404 (not found)...
over 1 year ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 1 Future consideration

Add permissions to allow a User to upgrade Discovery environment size

BMC Software has an agreement with IBM to host multiple Customers in BMC's Watson account.BMC invites a Customer's admin user(s) who have Admin permissions on the Resource group created for the Customer. A Customer can have a Watson Discovery inst...
over 1 year ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration

Need UI for collection current status and history

Currently collection don't show what task is processing and what task is finished. For example, after uploading documents, WD just show notification message. But, if the use miss that, user can not recognize whether the process is doing or not.
over 1 year ago in Watson Discovery Service (WDS) 0 Future consideration