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Cloud Pak for Data

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Ability to determine through Monitoring whether or not sufficient resources to start an R or Notebook runtime environment are available per node

As Data Scientist I frequently need to start runtime environments. Often these are small enough and they quite naturally fit the available resources. Sometimes however, there is a very large environment needed. We would like to easily see and det...
21 days ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cloud Pak for Data On Premises Software 0 Planned for future release

Pod dependency for Openshift Topology view

CP4D pods should have the dependency information for Openshift Topology view. To support CP4D running on Openshift rapidly for customers, we tried to understand where is the cause and which pod should stop/start based on their dependency. Eac...
28 days ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cloud Pak for Data On Premises Software 0 Under review

ODBC - Bulk Load capability

CP4D - DataStage will be used in the data flows defined in our datalake using Postgres and Azure SQL. Because we are required to use the ODBC Connector for the connections we require the capability of doing Bulk Loads , exactly as this is offered ...
3 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Connectivity / DataStage 1 Future consideration

Optimize classification models to optimize for high Recall and Precision

The classification models are currently optimizing for high Accuracy. There can be situations where high Recall or Precision may be desired rather than Accuracy. Can we give the user the ability to select the measure that needs to be optimized? Wi...
3 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / SPSS Modeler 0

Oracle thin client connection capabilities requiring specification of URL

We need to connect WKC to Oracle using Oracle Connection Manager using the JDBC thin client. This requires the ability to specify the connection URL with a significant string length. Currently when the Oracle connection type is specified there i...
5 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Knowledge Catalog 4 Not under consideration

Allow enterprise CA certificate injection #cpfield

In order to connect to corporate assets in this enterprise the secure connection needs to be signed by that enterprise certificate authority. In order for cloudpak for data to be enterprise ready it needs a function to allow the injection of cust...
6 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Connectivity 3

Selectable storage class for Storage Volumes

Cloudpak 4 Data in 3.5+ allows users to create (user) storage volumes from the UI. This feature has three options, one is 'external NFS'. This request is only applicable for this alternative.Technically this creates a PV and a matching PVC on the ...
8 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cloud Pak for Data On Premises Software 4 Functionality already exists

Status and Start of Jobs from overview page

When displaying Jobs in WSL, first the overview page is displayed. For any Job, to get the last status, or to start the Job, one has to click on the Job details. It would be much easier, if this information / functionality would be on the Job over...
9 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Studio 0 Delivered

Ability to create custom role in Data Virtualization

At the moment, Data Virtualization (aka DV) comes with 4 pre-defined roles, i.e. virtualize some table, if user wants to grant others access to the new...
9 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Data Virtualization 0

Find the data asset from a lot of csv files in Dashboard

In our case, we organize the weather data every data. So, the data are saved as a csv file every day. When the data sets are large and we want to select one specific day, it has to scroll down and click the 'more' button to find the data set.
12 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cognos Dashboards 0 Future consideration