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Decision Optimization CPLEX & For Watson Studio

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Implement piecewise linear features in Matlab API.

As for all the other APIs, it would be great to add to be able to describe PWLs with the new features introduced from 12.7.0, also in Matlab. The procedure to write several PWLs can become quite cumbersome for a large amount of constraints.
about 1 year ago in Decision Optimization CPLEX & For Watson Studio 0 Future consideration

Consistent handling for exportModel(), writeMIPStarts() , etc

The handling where methods like e.g. exportModel() and writeMIPStarts() is not consistent and not intuitive.In case no absolute path is specifies, exportModel() always writes the file parallel to the mod-file. Whereas writeMIPStarts(), while sta...
over 1 year ago in Decision Optimization CPLEX & For Watson Studio / CPLEX Optimization Studio 1 Future consideration

Human-readable status response

In the new multiobjective optimization support in CPLEX (Java API, but likely true in other APIs), querying status via IloCplex.getMultiObjInfo(IloCplex.MultiObjIntInfo.MultiObjStatus, ...) returns a numeric code (e.g. 107). This is difficult to i...
about 1 year ago in Decision Optimization CPLEX & For Watson Studio / CPLEX Optimization Studio 0 Future consideration

DOC-like row filters for table views in DO

Have the ability to create a set of filters on a table view that:a. As a set of filters that each can be added, edited and removed.b. Are persistent, i.e. do not disappear when switching views. c. Can be enabled/disabledd. Include logic like `cont...

sin function in OPL

tuple breakpoint // y=f(x) { float x; float y; } sorted { breakpoint } breakpoints={<i,exp(2*sin(i))> | i in 70..135}; I am trying to code this while because of no sin function in OPL, I am not able to code this on OPL.
over 2 years ago in Decision Optimization CPLEX & For Watson Studio / CPLEX Optimization Studio 0 Future consideration

OPL shall generate concert model with column API

OPL fails at building very large scale models due to the fact that it uses a "row api" of concert : Variables are created and added then to the range constraints. Unfortunately, such API can become dramatically slow for very large models, and bui...
over 3 years ago in Decision Optimization CPLEX & For Watson Studio / CPLEX Optimization Studio 0 Future consideration

Automatic sync between notebook and Model Builder Python code

Avoid the frequent and confusing reinitialize of the Model Builder Python code and the source notebook by automatically updating the Model Builder Python code from the notebook.

Scenario Migration tool

A good step to help DOC users migrate to DODS would be a simple Scenario migration tool that would extract scenario data from DOC and import into DODS. An option to also "export DOC Scenario(s) as CSV" could help administrators import the DOC dat...

Jupyter notebook as a DO dashboard page

Similar to using a notebook as a source for optimization code, allow the user to write a notebook that contains visualization components for a dashboard page.Ideally, have an ability per cell to hide the cell, the output or both from the dashboard...

Bring back the refresh-from-notebook button

In past versions of DO4DSX, there was something like 'refresh from notebook' button in the 'Run Model' tab of the Model Builder.Since the last few releases, that refresh link disappeared. Now I need to reinitialize the model, select the right note...