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Support NTLM authentication for API calls using Hierarchial stage or Web services Client within DataStage

As part of our data acquisition we are acquiring data from MDS Microsoft API and it needs NTLM authentication to connect to the API before the data can be acquired using datastage
about 1 year ago in Connectivity 0 Future consideration

BQ connector to have replace table function

In BQ connector we need to replace table function. While running a DS job and the metadata is using RCP method , then we would not know the column names . In that case if we have replace functionality . It will completely drop the table and crea...
about 1 year ago in Connectivity 2 Delivered

Big Query connector with Reject link

We would like to take the advantage of having a reject link option on Big query connector. While loading data in to BQ table we see few records are dropping , to track those dropped records , having a reject link functionality will be handy to nar...
about 1 year ago in Connectivity 1 Future consideration

Connector for Teradata Vantage in Infosphere DataStage

Teradata Vantage is a modern data analytic cloud service platform. Need to have a connector avaiable to connect to Teradata Vantage from DataStage
about 1 year ago in Connectivity 3 Delivered

Add option to use FTPS protocol in FTP Enterprise Stage in DataStage parallel jobs

Add option to use FTPS protocol in FTP Enterprise Stage in DataStage parallel jobs.Datastage only is allowed sftp and ftp protocols for long time.
about 1 year ago in Connectivity 1 Future consideration

S3 connector request for Datastage (TS003424088)

Using Infosphere Information Server 11.7.1. Service Pack 2, we noticed that we are unable to create a data connection for Amazon S3 in DataStage to a private endpoint (not the usual public Amazon endpoints). We are unable to read/write information...
about 1 year ago in Connectivity 1 Future consideration

ETL Datastage - Lower number of connections open toward databases during a job execution

When executing a Datastage job, connections which are open toward the databases (Sybase in our case) are open during the complete execution time of a job even if all "actions" are done. This should be changed (to lower the activity on database sid...
over 1 year ago in Connectivity 3 Not under consideration

BigQuery Connector

In BigQuery connector in Source and Target the Test connection , View data options will be helpful to check the connection while debugging the connectivity issues.also view data will help to understand how the data look in the table instead of log...
over 1 year ago in Connectivity 1 Future consideration

Salesforce select only fields for the object. Do not automatically bring back all fields in the child relationships.

This is about the DataStage Salesforce Connector. When building the Salesforce Connector Stage by importing the objects fields from Salesforce using the "Browse Objects" function .A list of tables in Salesforce will be presented.One can click the ...
over 1 year ago in Connectivity 2 Future consideration

DataStage KafkaConnector should support kafka producer and consumer interceptors

We are using DataStage to move large volumes of data into our data lake.We are using DataStage kafkaconnector to read/write records from/to our kafka cluster and we will be using the Avro serializer and schema registry support that was just delive...
over 1 year ago in Connectivity 0 Delivered