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Db2u without OpenShift

We have a cloud-native strategy that Db2u fits better than most other RDBMSes. We also have a fairly mature Kubernetes infrastructure. We would really like to run db2u on native Kubernetes, without OpenShift.
11 months ago in Db2 / Operating System/Virtualization 2 Future consideration

Ability to query catalog tables and administrative views in stand by

There is an option called Read On Standby (ROS) that allows to connect and perform selects on the standby role of a HADR cluster. However, this is focussed to business tables.I propose the capability to perform selects on the standby but just on t...
11 months ago in Db2 / High Availability and/or Disaster Recovery 0 Future consideration

External Table support for Db2 running on Windows

Db2 running under Linux allows currently to use external tables. For testing, production use, migration and completeness those feature should also be available for the Windows (and other OS) platform.Especially as this is a potential replacement f...
11 months ago in Db2 / Other/Unknown 0 Future consideration

Improve ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE REORG Process to not Invalidate Application Packages

24x7 Application in DB2 LUW using packages. REORG of a large table is an issue. The best approach would be to use AMT but the rename causes all application packages to be mark invalid. This does not work for a 24x7 application. Online REORGE p...
11 months ago in Db2 / High Availability and/or Disaster Recovery 0 Future consideration

Ubuntu 18.04TLS Support on IBM DB2

Ubuntu 18.04TLS is not supported currently on any of the Db2 streams. Ubuntu 16 LTS has end of support in April 2021. With dependency on IBM DB2, we are unable to upgrade those client environments to Ubuntu 18LTS putting the production environment...
11 months ago in Db2 10 Future consideration

DB2 listener not activated after DB process killed by OS and restarted automatically by TSA in HADR environment

We had DB2 HADR primary/standby configuration. Due to one application job,DB2 consumes all memory and OS killed db2sysc process. db2 restarted automatically by TSA but listener wasn't activated . There was no evidence in logs which process was usi...
12 months ago in Db2 / Monitoring 0 Future consideration

Checksum values for DB2 Install files in Fix Central and Passport Advantages sites

Vendor supplied checksum values are required to validate the authenticity of the binaries downloaded from the vendor sites.As of now, we do have checksum values for few of the Web, Java components and we do need similar features for DB2 binaries a...
12 months ago in Db2 / Security 0 Future consideration

SQL20342 error should include schema when transferring ownership

When executing a transfer ownership over a stored procedure to a user that does not have privilege over another stored procedure, then Db2 raises this error message:SQL20342N auth-ID does not have one or more required privileges "EXECUTE" on objec...
12 months ago in Db2 / Statements (DDL and DML) 0 Future consideration


Please provide a registry var DB2_FORCE_APP_ON_NUM_LOG_SPAN similar to DB2_FORCE_APP_ON_MAX_LOG.
12 months ago in Db2 / Configuration Parameters 1 Not under consideration

Drop STP SQL with dependency of other STP SQL type NATIVE

We have a general purpose StoredProcedure (STPX1) that is called by other native StoredProcedures (STPA1, STPA2, STPA3, etc) that have CALL statements to STPX1, If I need DROP the STP STPX1 (for recreate later) I receive the error -478 for depend...
12 months ago in Db2 / Statements (DDL and DML) 0 Future consideration