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OpenPages Ideas

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Ability to Purge Application Text Records from Deleted Views and Widgets

When you create a view or widget in the TFUI, each instance becomes an Application Text record. Once deleted, the Application Text record stays and becomes an orphan. As development continues, there should be a process (or script) to purge all orp...
9 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Future consideration

Include user first and last name in user selector fields that are exported from UI

When users export from FLV to create fastmap templates, user selector fields are exported with user id only, and many times the user may be an employee id/non-descript identifier, so it would be great to have an export option where the user select...
9 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Future consideration

Audit Trail for Workflow Action Comment

Currently, change history does not include previous comments made in the "Action Comment" field (workflow comment popup). The popup cannot be used to serve as rejection or approval if the comment (which might provide conditional approval) is not t...
9 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / Automation 2 Future consideration

Support Cert Based Authentication for ObjectManager

Currently, ObjectManager does not allow for Liberty to use Cert based API authentication. To support cert based security requirements, ObjectManager needs to support calling a .crt or cert file as a parameter/password rather than only a simple str...
9 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / Integration & Risk API 3 Is a defect

By whom and when are missing in Reports for Change Users, Role Template Changes, Change in Domain and Role Assignments.

There is no report showing user creation data. This should be part of the Azure interface (user add/modify/delete, access rights add/modify/delete)Furthermore, for user inactivity, login activity summary report shows a summary of the number of log...
9 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / Reporting 2 Future consideration

would be great in the filter of the grid view has as an option the Worflow information filterable

as today you can add as part of the view some "Workflow information" but in the moment to make a filter in the grid view is not able that option, would be great have that option because the end user can make a filters based on the stage of the wor...
9 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Future consideration

Allow opening Microsoft Office files directly from OpenPages when the Protocol is https

Opening Microsoft Office files directly from OpenPages is very useful for the user to avoid downloading files for updating. In some installations, for security reasons, it is mandatory to implement the https protocol, which is currently not compat...
9 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 2 Functionality already exists

Control User Guidance with another field

The User Guidance can be controlled using a Task View override in a workflow - that is great. But when the object is outside a workflow i.e. (Start -for manual start workflows, End - which could have multiple states [closed, rejected, cancelled et...
9 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / Platform Features 2 Future consideration

Resolve Capturing a risk event, but getting a refresh error.

No description provided
9 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Future consideration

Questionnaires - use on cell phones and mobile devices

In our company we are carrying out inspections of third parties and vendors outdoor, based upon checklist - in an inspection app (currently not OpenPages) on our cell phones. With the implementation of OpenPages we would like to do the same outdoo...
10 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Future consideration