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Watson Assistant

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Create UI/UX for Watson Assistant users to view, delete, and add counterexamples

Currently, via the web tooling, there is no way to view or delete counterexamples in the WA workspace. You may add them using the "Irrelevant" tag in the "try it out" panel, but after that the counterexample is not easily inspect-able. This cause...
over 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 1 Planned for future release

Support multiple skills to an Assistant

Currently Assistant supports only one skill , which in a real world scenario does not make sense. There should be provision to add multiple skills to an assistant to be achieve more scalable conversations
over 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 1 Planned for future release

Allow dialog tree's to be copied from one skill to another

Allow for either all or part of a dialog tree to be copied from one skill to another. Currently if you have logic implemented in one skill and want to reuse it in another skill you have to completely rebuild it. The ability to copy useful dialog t...
over 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Planned for future release

As an editor i want to see which nodes are jumping to the node i'm working in

When working in complicated flows, where jump-to's are used to move the user laterally through a dialogue, we lose sight of which jump-to's are implemented. When updating or deleting a node we need to know when we shouldnt just check/update th...
over 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 1 Planned for future release

Add logs API for skill versions

I would like to be able to maintain context and history in my chat-application that is using the skill versioning in Watson Assistant. My chat-app is working with the development-version of the Skill. But when I assign the Assistant any other vers...
almost 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 1 Planned for future release

Ability to add comments in nodes

The dialog nodes maintain logic of the conversation flow. This also requires to be maintained in an ongoing way. It needs to have an ability to add user comments. These comments will help in maintaining the dialogs. Currently there is no way to ad...
over 4 years ago in Watson Assistant 1 Planned for future release

Search logs for intent recommendations

The existing search log feature of intent recommendations only work on the csv uploaded. It should be capable of searching the search logs and suggest examples for existing intents based on the confidence of classification
over 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Planned for future release

Downloadable logs

Allowing conversation logs to be downloadable in the watson assistant logs interface, in a file it may be Csv or xls, the case is that the file is manipulable, to make improvements in this, it would also be a good idea to be able to make revisions...
over 3 years ago in Watson Assistant 2 Planned for future release

Allow give others access in specefic skilss also, not WA instance only

i want to be able to give access for others user for specific skills not only WA instance, because i am creating 3 different chatbots (skills) for 3 different companies, and when i am about to share access with them , i found that i cannot give ac...
over 2 years ago in Watson Assistant 3 Planned for future release

Listing created assistants

In watson's API v1 i was able to list all my workspaces created with an api call, i was using it to choose between diferent workspaces in an external app,but now in the v2 of the api are the assistants that contains the workspaces (skills) wich do...
over 2 years ago in Watson Assistant 0 Planned for future release