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Cloud Pak for Data

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WMLA EDT: Customization, Minimal Example & Documentation

Client asks how to use and customize the elastic distributed training (EDT) feature of WML-A. They explicitly complained about the lack of a detailed documentation (being aware of WMLA/Spectrum Conductor documentation in the knowledge center &...
10 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Machine Learning Accelerator 0 Delivered

Administrator can see all of the projects on CP4D platform

Administrator cannot see the project name in the list if he/she is not registered as a collaborator of the project. That causes explosion of uncontrolled projects. We strongly hope administrator be able to manage all of the projects. At least, ad...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cloud Pak for Data On Premises Software 4 Delivered

Discover assets from Amazon Redshift

When discover assets from Amazon Redshift, Analysis quality failed using latest driver redshift-jdbc42- or RedshiftJDBC42-no-awssdk- message:The connector requested that the driver set the transaction isolation level to TRAN...
7 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Knowledge Catalog 1 Delivered

Status and Start of Jobs from overview page

When displaying Jobs in WSL, first the overview page is displayed. For any Job, to get the last status, or to start the Job, one has to click on the Job details. It would be much easier, if this information / functionality would be on the Job over...
6 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Studio 0 Delivered

Some users need to be unable to create analytical projects.

We have customers who want to create as many analysis projects as they need, under proper management, and are concerned that the number of analysis projects will become disorganized and unmanageable. Since the current specification allows any user...

Export CSV file using naming convention per Artifact Types

Export CSV file using naming convention per Artifact Types .Currently all files get downloaded with name of Category "<category name>-csv-export.csv". The file should reflect the type of Artifact downloaded.
9 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Knowledge Catalog 2 Delivered

Secure Global connections in CPD using LDAP or individual users

Our CPD environment will be self service. If Data scientists are allowed to created the connection in Global connections for all users. Global and DV data source connections cannot be secured by the owners. The workaround right now is to create co...
8 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Studio 1 Delivered

Anti-affinity and poddisruptionbudget consideration with StatefulSet

StatefulSet replicas not start on individual nodes. For example: here 3 replicas from zen-megastoredb StatefulSet started on 2 identical worker nodes. Some context; OpenShift upgrade on node "worker-0" will fail here with messages about the machin...

Being able to label/tag data source connection

With a large number of data sources (connections) currently residing in the enterprise it is desirable to tag the data sources with multiple identifiers. For example, Application unique Id, Application Name, etc. This is not possible today to ide...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cloud Pak for Data On Premises Software 1 Delivered

Customize the CP4D Login Screen

When a user logs into the application they are currently presented with a CP4D log in screen. This screen must allow customization so that it can be white labeled/branded. This allows customers/partners to change the look.
about 1 year ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Cloud Pak for Data On Premises Software 1 Delivered