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Decision Optimization CPLEX & For Watson Studio

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Interface between CPLEX and FORTRAN

Since FORTRAN is one of the TOP20 programming languages in the TIOBE index (, I suggest that IBM create mixed-integer linear programming models with CPLEX and FORTRAN. I have not found a library similar to Conce...

WML multiprocessing support

Multiprocessing using Pythons multiprocesing library works with Notebooks in Watson Studio, but not for deployed WML models. Multiprocessing for DOCPLEX MILP models can significantly reduce time and resources used for solving a set of several mode...

IBM Z Common Data Provider template for the User Define SMF Record Type 249 cut by DVM

The customer is using IBM Z Common Data Provider (zCDP) to stream SMF records in real-time to their Splunk. zCDP provides policies for all the non user define SMF records, the SMF249 is a user define record, hence zCDP can't reference o it, so it ...
3 months ago in Decision Optimization CPLEX & For Watson Studio 3 Planned for future release

Enhance .NET API for maps

When attempting to use the reflection mechanism of OPL CPLEX API under .NET (version 12.9 but same problem seen in documentation of latest version), I stumble upon an error on my first implementation of a missing method "NbDim" for the map class "...

Bring MATLAB interface back for CPLEX

Please bring back the MATLAB interface for CPLEX. We rely heavily on this feature since toolboxes we use are Matlab exclusive.

Produce log during OPL Extract phase similar to Solve Engine Log

Many OPL real-world optimisations spend a large proportion of the overall solve time performing extraction/generation and there is no log of what is happening during this time. There should be a log produced during Extract similar to the Engine Lo...

Allow initialisation using OPL of arrays within tuple sets

In OPL it is not possible to initialise an array which is within a set of tuples either through values or programmatically. An enhancement should be made to OPL to allow this.Consider:{string} Factors = {"a","b","c"};tuple T_2 { key int i; int a[F...

CPO Cumul function enhancement

Our COLA project Optimisation model concerns cyclic scheduling (an object is to be built every constant X amount of time) using cumul functions. Today we need to create intervals for every object to be build in order to calculate cumul functions ...
9 months ago in Decision Optimization CPLEX & For Watson Studio 0 Future consideration

CPO enhancement requests : cumul and noOverlap functions should (optionally) take intensity into account

CPO enhancement requests : cumul and noOverlap functions should (optionally) take intensity into account
9 months ago in Decision Optimization CPLEX & For Watson Studio 0 Future consideration

Have atoi and itoa in OPL

Today in OPL, ftoi is quite useful to convert float to int.What would help is to do conversions between int and string in order to be able to process strings as inputs or compute inputs.What we miss is atoi and itoa
9 months ago in Decision Optimization CPLEX & For Watson Studio 0 Future consideration