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Keyword to include all partitions in redirected recovery

It should be possible to use a keyword (e.g. PARTLEVEL ALL) on the recover statement for redirected recover. Currently the only way to do partition level recover is to ennumerate all the partitions in the recover statement. If your environment has...
3 months ago in Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS 1 Delivered

ASCD and LIBERTY REST services to use VIPs

IBMSC ports ( 8443, 8543 and 8640 ) related to GUI, Lib and ascd, are not going to be wide open and all the access to these services have to be with VIPs. Can we configure IBMSC to use VIPS for lib and ascd services instead of hostname on which th...
3 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Version 2.5.1 1 Delivered

making the token expiration customizable instead of fixed at 8 hours

Currently spectrum conductor re-authentication happens every 8 hrs. PNC has jobs which runs more than 8 hrs and token gets expired in between running jobs. This problem was not existing in sas lsf and it was auto authenticated. application is regu...
3 months ago in Spectrum Conductor / Future Version 1 Delivered

Enable Visual Debugger for JupyterLab environments

We have many our data scientist Python developers asking for the visual debugger tool that is now standard part of modern JupyterLab package. However the version that is currently available in CPD 4.0.5 is fairly old (Version 3.0.12). It can be...
3 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Studio 1 Delivered

Run job manually, even if it is scheduled

We have a lot of scheduled jobs in Watson Studio. It regularly happens that we have to run those jobs manually once at a different time than that of the schedule. To do this we first have to turn off the schedule. Only then the job can be run man...
3 months ago in Cloud Pak for Data / Watson Studio 1 Delivered

A utility to import MX messages into FTM is wanted.

Idea created : 02 FEB 2022. Today it is possible to : Import FIN messages from an input file or data set and create, for each FIN message, a corresponding IBM Financial Transaction Manager for SWIFT Services message in a target queue. (see l...
4 months ago in FTM for SWIFT Services / Developer Tools 0 Delivered

Bulk Update: Order of questions to follow order in questionnaire and follow dependencies

questions listed in alphabetical order, is it possible to list them in the order they are asked? Also-I remember during show&tell, all dependencies on the questions were available on bulk update as well, you could not select an answer for a de...
4 months ago in OpenPages Ideas / End User UI 2 Delivered

Integration with Spectrum Scale object storage

IBM is involved in implementing data integration solution for State Bank of India using DataStage (version 11.7) and Spectrum Scale (version 5.05). DataStage is supposed to read / write object storage data hosted in Spectrum Scale using Swift prot...
4 months ago in DataStage 1 Delivered

Task Inbox Activities Panel View Pane - Increase Size and make dynamic (scalable)

When a comment is added to a task in the Task Inbox it is saved in the Activities Panel. However, the vertical size of that panel is literally 3 mm (yes, I measured it)! It is functionally totally useless for any purpose, especially effective coll...
5 months ago in Watson Knowledge Catalog 0 Delivered

Replication from PostgreSQL DB with dashes in a db name

The problem was classified as design limitation. We can't start replication from PostgreSQL with dashes in DB name. During adding a new subscription, cdc agent is trying to create a replication slot , named SUBSCRIPTION_NAME + DB_NAME + USER_NAME ...
5 months ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 1 Delivered