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Metrics for this product shoul be provided as regular SMF collection for historical and monitor reasons

While metrics are provided using CDA Tool, it requires the user to activate the data collection and thre is no mechanism for the product to provide a more historial data gathering. Also thre is no way to automatically see trends other than manual ...
about 4 hours ago in Replication: IMS / VSAM  / Data Replication for VSAM for z/OS 0 Submitted

REORG SORTDATA NO should unload to shadow datasets and not unload to SYSREC

Changing DSSIZE for large table using SORTDATA NO, unloads to SYSREC. Since the volume of data is so large, SYSREC needs to go to tape. This causes the reorg to have greater elapsed time. Unloading to the shadows would greatly reduce the elapse...
about 4 hours ago in Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS 0 Submitted

COGNOS search results secured based on user security

When users use COGNOS search functions they are able to see folders/reports they do not have access to. They then click and get access errors and contact support because they want access or are confused why they cannot access things available in ...
about 7 hours ago in Watson Analytics 0 Submitted

Ability to export report or story to power point

Users are demanding an export to power point so that board presentations can be pre-formatted and downloadable.
about 7 hours ago in Watson Analytics 0 Submitted

Have the gridalarms plugin respect Maintenance Schedules like it parent plugin thold does

The gridalarms Cacti plugin was initially a fork of the thold plugin which supports the concept of a Maintenance Schedules, but this functionality was never implemented in gridalarms. We would like to see if that functionality can be added to gri...
about 8 hours ago in Spectrum LSF 0 Submitted

Application Without ASLR Protection

During an analysis of the application, it was observed that "DmClient.exe" do not have Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) enabled. ASLR is considered a security best practice for memory management and can prevent buffer overflow attacks.Lac...
about 10 hours ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 0 Submitted

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) disabled

The application "DmClient.exe" executable was not using the DEP protection. Since DEP is disabled, arbitrary exploit codes can be written and executed from memory location leading to attack, such as buffer overflow, among other attack vectors.
about 10 hours ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 0 Submitted

Control Flow Guard (CFG) not enabled

BM Infosphere Data Replication Management Console, does not have Control Flow Guard (CFG) enabled. Control Flow Guard is a security feature which helps protect applications against memory corruption vulnerabilities by restricting where an applicat...
about 10 hours ago in Replication: Change Data Capture 0 Submitted

Enhance database_purge_cluster.php to have an 'all' option

This --clusterid=all would remove any clusters not currently found in the grid_clusters table. So, the deletes would look something like: DELETE FROM some_table WHERE clusterid NOT IN (SELECT clusterid FROM grid_clusters) Also, the help on this...
about 11 hours ago in Spectrum LSF 0 Submitted

More meaning APAR Software version

When reviewing an APAR on IBM site, there is a "Software version" field.This field invariable lists some meaningless value. For example,
1 day ago in Cognos Analytics / Other 0 Submitted