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Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS

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AVZLINE support for outbound connections

We have a REXX script named REXUSER, provided a few years ago, that processes connections for ACI/Adabas users. It issues command RXRC = AVZRXPC(SUBSYS,'DISPLAY', 'REMU', 500, 1920 ) then parses the line details. We would like to use this (or simi...
2 days ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Submitted

Enable sampling for RUNSTATS

Currently RUNSTATS for non-Db2 virtual tables or virtual views will pull all data from the map and then calculate the stats values. When millions of records are present, the process begins to exceed the subsystem limits on cpu and memory. We would...
2 days ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Submitted

Kerberos support for JDBC Gateway to Greenplum

We use the JDBC Gateway to communicate outbound from the mainframe to distributed Greenplum. Currently only userid/password is supported. We have had to get an temporary exception in order to implement this. UYserid/passowrd voiolates our company ...
2 days ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 1 Submitted

Mass creation or migration of Virtual Target System maps

Our goal is to use the same VTS names in our formal test environments that are used in production so that developers do not need to change them during the import/export process. On the test environments, we simply point the VTS's to the test endpo...
14 days ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Submitted

Limit the amount of data retrieved from Teradata in a DVM SQL Query

Since the SQL LIMIT parameter is not supported in Teradata, DVM-Teradata users need the ability to limit the amount of data retrieved from a query to a Teradata database otherwise the query does not come back, DVM chews up CPU trying to process a ...
4 months ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Future consideration

JGate log file cleanup

We need a way to limit the number of log files that JGate will create.
17 days ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Submitted

Use RACF resource to control access to DVM JDBC Gateway Server databases

Currently USERID and PASSWORD info needs to be updated and maintained in the DVM AVZDRATH job in order for DVM users to access different DRDA databases. The AVZDRATH job needs to be updated monthly whenever a user’s password changes or when a user...
4 months ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Under review

Enable use of encrypted passwords to test connections to databases in the DVM JGate Server interface

A successful “Test Connection” must be completed to “Add new relational data source name and connection parameters” using the DVM JDBC Gateway Server interface. To perform the “Test Connection” a valid userid and password with access to the data s...
6 months ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 2 Future consideration

before DVM termination, wait for seconds which defined in CLIENTQUIESCEDELAY until there are no PSB scheduled with DVM.

DVM v1.1 IMS v13 With above env, we issued /P AVZS to terminate DVM while PSB is still scheduled. Then, it caused U3398 error of that application. We believe that termination command should wait till application will be stopped, or at le...
about 2 months ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Future consideration

Support for Db2 Image Copy

Support for Db2 Image Copy. Overall support for full and incremental read-only access to Db2 base table copies for the purposes of accessing archival data, expanded exploitation and JOIN of existing Dbz and non-Db2z datasets for single point of ac...
3 months ago in Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS 0 Future consideration