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Persona UI - Item Search By Category with "Must be in ALL categories" option

Customers want to search using multiple categories. In Admin UI, customers search for parts that exist in all of their selected categories from multiple hierarchies. This can be done by “Must be in ALL categories” option on the Admin UI. But the s...
5 months ago in Product Master 0 Under review

Allow role based access of specific hierarchies, specs and lookup tables

Currently different users within our business are able to modify specific hierarchies or attributes. However, just because a user can modify one of those areas does not mean they should be able to access all areas. For example, a marketing user ma...
2 months ago in Product Master 0 Under review

Set default view for a catalogue

Preconditions: There is a catalogue. There are two views for the catalogue: System default and a customized one.User story:All business users should work with the customized view of the catalogue and should not see the System default view. Unfortu...
3 months ago in Product Master 0 Under review

In Import template, narrow results as value is typed for attributes which use Enum_Ranges

When selecting a value from a drop down list in the import template, it does not narrow the results to the value you are typing. For example if you had a range of values from AAA to ZZZ and you start typing J it doesn't skip down to the J values. ...
13 days ago in Product Master 0 Under review

Preview PDF

Hi,Idea relates to business interfece (Persona UI) of MDM. When a user needs to enter binary attribute, for example to attach some documents, he/she selects png, jpeg, pdf files for that. After that, the user can preview uploaded png, jpeg. Howeve...
27 days ago in Product Master 0 Under review

Add navigation buttons(First, Last, Next, Previous) and page number box for the multi occurrence grouping attribute in Persona UI

In the Persona UI, assume that grouping attribute has more than 500 occurence.And, In the setting we set the maximum display count to 20. If the business user needs to edit 499th occurence, then the user needs to click add icon for more than 20 ti...
about 2 months ago in Product Master 0 Under review

Display non generic error message when item import fails

When a user attempts to create items via the Import button in the Persona UI and the import fails, the error message displayed is completely generic and does not inform the user why it has failed. We receive the message 'The Job did not complete s...
3 months ago in Product Master 0 Under review

Need ability to Sort and filter Categories.

Need ability to Sort and filter Categories. Please see the details with screenshots below.Lack of ability makes it very difficult to see data, below is real data, and you can see the issues that business users face, based on the default behavior o...
5 months ago in Product Master 0 Under review

Enable Filters on Hierarchies in Persona UI, and Ability to control Hierarchies in a Workflow

Problem Statement1: As shown below, Currently the view for Hierarchies shows all Categories selected for a given part, particularly when there are multiple categories, it is very difficult for users to select the correct hierarchy to delete.Propos...
7 months ago in Product Master 0 Under review

Audit History tab to be changed/improved

Nestle would like to have feature to download Historic Data of all the changes (older than 1 year) using Export to Excel button. Nestle isn't looking to have all Historic Data present in UI.Nestle would like to have Audit History tab in Collaborat...
7 months ago in Product Master 1 Under review