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Planning Analytics

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More accurate AI Forecasting on bulk at detailed level

The AI Forecasting can work at a consolidated level however, its not accurate at the detailed level because it evenly spreads. When AI forecasting at the consolidated level, we would like it to have the option to perform the AI forecasting routine...
15 days ago in Planning Analytics 1 Planned for future release

SFTP External locations for IBM PA Cloud

Currently for File transfer - you can export to a IBM PA Cloud folder, then you get a 3rd party tool to orchestrate the SFTP file transfer to another locations. Would be good if we can call out locations (still secure) that we can target, saving t...
about 1 month ago in Planning Analytics 1 Planned for future release

Hide Border by selected Websheets

If a Websheet is selected in PAW it has always a black border. The black border complicates a seamless combination of different widgets on one site. It would be helpful to hide this border.
about 1 month ago in Planning Analytics 2 Planned for future release

Custom Colors in Conditional Formatting in PAW.

Add the option of adding Custom Colors when we opt for Conditional Formatting on Columns or Rows. Currently, the colors are limited as compared to the option that we have in Properties where we can add any color based on the HEX value .
2 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Planned for future release

Set Synchronization Scope separately for each Dimension of a Widget

Client has Book with multiple tabs. Region dimension should by synced across all tabs.However, each tab contains multiple widgets, which should share context within that tab only. These dimensions are also present on other tabs, which should NOT b...
3 months ago in Planning Analytics 0 Planned for future release

In PAW, ability to see websheets published in TM1 Server 'as a reference', the same way they can be seen in TM1 Web

Being able to add a PAX uploaded to Architect as reference on PAW so that the users can make changes on the PAX file and this changes are shown in PAW
3 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Planned for future release

PAW: drill-through view doesn't allow Set Editor to be used

We created drill-through processes, rules and views to allow users to drill to another view. We found that such drill-through views which are opened as a result of a drill action, do not allow user to open Set Editor in the dimensions of the view....
4 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Planned for future release

Applications and Plans - Assignment and Submission Improvements

The addition of Applications and Plans in the new PAW experience has been very helpful in making PAW more collaborative. However, there are some improvements needed to make it easier to use and be more useful:The default "Everyone" group that app...
4 months ago in Planning Analytics 2 Planned for future release

Reduce the risk of critical errors when using the PAW dimension editre

Currently when using the PAW dimension editor it is to easy to make a change that will trigger data loss. The two main areas of concern are.The editor defaults to auto-commit mode, with additional steps required to reserve the dimension so errors ...
4 months ago in Planning Analytics 1 Planned for future release

Return dynamically created views using drill-throughs

Currently drill-throughs render a different view object than the one passed to ReturnViewHandle, this is frustrating if you want to dynamically create a view in the drill through process in pass this through in the epilog. The reason you might wa...
4 months ago in Planning Analytics 2 Planned for future release