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Netezza Performance Server

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Custom graphs in cyclops/webconsole

As NzPortal no longer supports the new platforms we are forces to switch to the cyclops web console which does not support adding custom graphs which we could do in NzPortal. Adding this functionality shouldn't be a lot of work and would provide f...
19 days ago in Netezza Performance Server 0 Submitted

Kerberos / SSL conflict

When Kerberos is enabled for users it blocks the usage of SSL for users that have local authentication. This is a bug that should be fixed but IBM persists this is working as designed so placing this here as an enhancement request. Enabling kerber...
8 months ago in Netezza Performance Server 2 Future consideration

Data traffic encryption

When kerberos authentication is enabled there is no way to have data traffic encrypted. Despite the fact that kerberos has that functionality IBM isn't taking advantage of it. Data traffic encryption is a security standard for years so this should...
8 months ago in Netezza Performance Server 1 Future consideration

Logs Collection for Support

Having an easy way to collect logs on the Concerto for troubleshooting without logging on to the pods would be beneficial. Maybe having some basic options on webconsole would help.
about 2 years ago in Netezza Performance Server 0 Future consideration

Enhanced host monitoring

On previous generation MAKO20 system, we were able to monitor the HOST machine resources (CPU, MEMORY, FABRIC, DISK) by using NZ_SYSUTIL_HISTORY table provided out of the box. On new generation of the system (IPS), we can still do it, but the HOST...
over 2 years ago in Netezza Performance Server 0 Future consideration

Granularity for backup

Ideal example of it is 'staging database', which may not be worth backing up. Backing up unnecessary databases is a toll on resources (Network bandwidth, CPU, storage). Having choice of which databases user can backup and at what time may help our...
about 2 years ago in Netezza Performance Server 0 Functionality already exists

Replace NZPLSQL wrappers for INZA ML related procedures by Python (or others)

ML (related) routines are called using NZPLSQL procedures. The associated overhead is relatively large. Replacing them by Python (or others) would provide more throughput running small (tactical) scorings.
over 1 year ago in Netezza Performance Server 0 Future consideration

Forecast NPS resource usage based on cyclops influxdb database tables solely

NPS resource usage need to be forecasted after a period of time (NPS on Cloud, NPS on Premise). Influxdb gathers data which may be used w/o the need to install and run Query History Database. Use influx timeseries and ML capabilities to provide th...
over 1 year ago in Netezza Performance Server 0 Planned for future release

Dynamic history configuration

To switch current history configurations one has to restart NPS system which takes a large amount of time on big systems.
over 1 year ago in Netezza Performance Server 1 Future consideration

Ability to specify NetBackup Copy Number on nzrestore operations

With multiple CP4D appliances, and multiple NetBackup Media Server Clusters, it would be beneficial to be able to specify the NetBackup Copy Number on nzrestore operations to match that of the most local NetBackup copy. For instance, CP4D applianc...
over 2 years ago in Netezza Performance Server 0 Future consideration